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Tucker Carlson Is Risking Everything To Share This

Deep State JFK

Tucker Carlson Is Risking Everything To Share This

They Don't Want People To Know About It

This is what made Tucker Carlson famous, and got him fired from Fox. He is famous for telling the public “We The People” what the Main Stream Media doesn’t want you to know.

The Main Stream Media that is now government run and controlled by “The Deep State” with help of the CIA.

The Deep State
Tucker Carlson Is Risking Everything To Share This

Tucker Carlson Is Risking Everything To Share This



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for politicians money is power they
always crave more but because they don’t
actually produce anything they’ve got
limited ways to get it they can hike
taxes on the population and collect the
cash at gunpoint that’s the most
straightforward way but it’s also highly
unpopular voters don’t like paying
higher taxes they resent it so over time
most politicians in most places decide
it’s a lot easier to devalue the
currency you keep the tax rate pretty
much the same you just print more money
at first most people don’t even notice
that it’s happening the money seems free
this is how the US government just paid
for the checks and the war in Ukraine
and pretty much everything else that
Washington has done for the past couple
of decades just churn out more dollars
you can see why it’s a popular strategy
but what happens if you keep doing it
year after year we really ought to know
a hundred years ago Argentina was one of
the richest places in the world it had
everything abundant natural resources
vast Open Spaces a well-educated capable
European population its capital Buenos
Aires once looked like Paris but
probably richer you can still see
remnants of that time as you walk around
the city today but the buildings are
ratty now and marred by graffiti
Argentina is no longer a rich country
it’s one of the poorest nations in the
Western Hemisphere nearly half the
population here lives below the poverty
line chicken for dinner is a luxury the
people are still impressive the natural
resources still exist but Argentina’s
leaders have destroyed the country by
devaluing its National currency
Argentina now has bimar like
hyperinflation it takes a brick of bills
to buy lunch roads and bridges fall
apart and nobody can afford to fix them
things unravel over the course of the
average month the Argentine peso loses
10 percent of its value in other words
everybody gets 10 percent poor every
month of the year it doesn’t take long
for people to go hungry Argentina’s
currency is so inflated and worthless it
can no longer be used to buy anything of
value cars houses even bicycles are
priced in US Dollars the problem is the
government lies about this banks are not
allowed to exchange dollars at Market
rates and that drives the entire
population underground to the black
market that’s what a collapsing society
looks like everybody’s moving backwards
nobody can tell the truth about anything
the functions of ordinary life have to
be conducted furtively in caves in
Argentina the incentives are now so
perversely inverted that many people
decide it’s not worth working they can
make more money sitting home idle for
young people in a country like this the
obvious solution is to leave and
millions have the future of the country
slipping away forever
what’s remarkable is that’s just fine
with the current Argentine government
and with the Western media and ngos that
prop it up and relentlessly defend it
they’re happy with the corrupt status
quo they’re thriving so they attack
anyone who challenges the way things are
currently done not surprisingly they
especially hate Javier Miele plus
monetary policy hasn’t made people happy
and secure it’s wrecked pretty much
everything it’s destroyed the economy
and families and the national spirit
it’s enriched just a few
that’s hardly a radical interpretation
of events it’s obviously true and
everybody knows that it’s true
you can have a system that nobody
actually supports except the people
directly benefiting from it this is
this is the main thing I’ve learned in
the past five years that I never I’m 54
I’ve lived in this country my whole life
and because I unlike everyone else in
Washington actually kind of believed in
the basic premise of democracy which is
the majority rules
that’s the most basic fact of democracy
the people run their own government if
you get a majority of people to vote for
something that’s now the law
and that’s totally untrue
you can put it in a ballot reference
some judge will overturn it well what
about democracy
you could spend billions of dollars on a
foreign policy
theory that nobody actually supports
doesn’t matter
in the end most governments are run by a
small group of people for their own
benefit without reference to what the
majority wants and I hate to believe
that that’s true in this country but all
the evidence suggests that it is in fact
it’s provable you know how you prove it
public opinion polling take a look at
the latest Gallup poll pick a poll what
are the top 10 issues for people in the
United States and then compare those to
the priorities of your leaders
so people are leaving Michigan
because it’s very hard to make a living
here and you’re constantly hassled by a
government that never stops growing and
that is leaching off an economy that
hasn’t grown in decades okay that’s the
truth take a look at the priorities of
the low IQ lunatic who’s running your
Gretchen Whitmer who deserves zero
respect no respect
Shale if you
what percentage of the population of the
state of Michigan even Southeastern
Michigan is on board with that as a top
it’s like roughly around a tenth of one
percent okay in that range
if democracy was functioning in America
in Michigan and California the District
of Columbia where I lived the state of
Maine any state of Texas
how many Texans do you think are all on
board with letting seven million people
crossed into their state illegally what
zero zero I don’t care what you’re
raised for national origin nobody is for
that that’s insane has the governor of
Texas done anything meaningful to stop
it no the Republican governor he’s got a
national guard he’s the
commander-in-chief of the National Guard
that is Texas so they’re all large
and they have double stack magazines in
their sidearms
they couldn’t stop that in a week if
they of course
just assemble along the board we’re not
we’re not doing this
he refuses to do that
you won’t do it and it’s not like no one
suggested I’ve suggested to him three
times including in private at a cocktail
party in Dallas last year which
no stop
if someone’s trying to break into my
it’s not complicated to repel the person
do you have a firearmer don’t you are
you willing to defend your house and
your children or aren’t you well it’s
more complicated really tell me how
speak slowly so I can understand it’s
not more complicated than that it’s more
dishonest than that you’re lying to me
you don’t want to do it because your
donors don’t want you to do it it’s that
simple Greg Abbott
liar liar and worse than liar betrayer
of your own people that’s that’s what
that is
I was polite at the cocktail party so I
didn’t say any of that but I I fumed
internally like an Episcopalian
I thought those things but the point is
if you assume that just because
everybody wants something you’re gonna
get it think again pal
it’s very likely that in fact you won’t
get anything that you want you will just
pay for what a small group of other
people want
that’s the way it works
Boo Boo is right Boo is right it’s not
just frustrating it’s in betrayal at the
core promise of the country which is the
people rule
criminal act
it’s not just like you have Boutique
weird right-wing views in your that’s
how they want you to feel like oh you’re
an extremist really I’m an extremist
I’m going to let seven million people
into our country illegally whose names
we don’t know you’re saying they stole
it from you last time why wouldn’t they
do the same this time oh well let’s try
they’re going to be trying Mitch
McConnell was trying to get Senators to
impeach me crooked Joe Biden is so bad
he’s the worst president in the history
of our country I don’t think he’s going
to make it to the gate but you know you
never know it started with protests
against you minute moved to impeachment
twice and now indictment are you worried
that they’re going to try and kill you
why wouldn’t they try and kill you
honestly they’re Savage animals they are
people that are sick so do you think
it’s possible that there’s open conflict
I can say this there’s a level of
passion that I’ve never seen there’s a
level of hatred that I’ve never seen and
that’s probably a bad combination