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Militia Now Before Necessary For Survival

Militia Now Before Necessary For Survival

If It's Never Needed No Harm Done

There is no question that the enemy is putting the finishing touches on the machinery of despotism. Doing nothing will most certainly result in its completion.

BY: bob@deprogrammingservices

There are fools (if not traitors) out on the internet preaching cowardice in the face of government aggression, warning us that we better not do anything to make our big brother in Washington mad, because that would give him an excuse to bring massive power down on us.

In fact he’s trying to provoke us into doing something so he’ll have that excuse. Or sending fake patriots (as in undercover marshals) out to try to talk real patriots into getting organized. So the best thing for us to do is remain passive, and not even talk about getting organized, even though getting organized is not illegal.

They Will Make Up Excuse

The glaring flaw in this lie is that the criminal gang in Washington has proven that if it wants an excuse to do something and one doesn’t come along, it will just make one up. It can do that easy enough, since it’s allied to the most powerful and sophisticated psychological warfare machine the world has ever known, the liberal press. It doesn’t need us to give it an excuse.

There is no question that the enemy is putting the finishing touches on the machinery of despotism. Doing nothing will most certainly result in its completion. And doing nothing that has a chance of actually stopping this enemy is the same thing as doing nothing.

So the real message they are sending us is this: don’t fight back; let the enemy become your master.

Random and mob violence will do the patriot cause no good. Communist terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa use these strategies very effectively, because they are allied to the liberal press and most of the government, but those are the enemy of patriots, so we can not use that same strategy. It’s a pretty stupid strategy anyway.

There Is Nothing Illegal About Forming A Militia

But there is nothing illegal about forming a militia, and it’s as American as the love of freedom. Local militias tied together by state and national leadership structures can produce a force that can defend America from this aggression, and defend itself while it does it. This is the only hope for the survival of the Republic.

There are 80 million Americans who voted for Trump in 2020. This is the number of Americans who see through the lies of the enemy and still want to save the Republic. If only 3% of those 80 million loyal Americans formed into a militia, and the other 97% supported that militia any way they could, America could be saved, and probably without a shot even being fired.

Plenty Of Patriots Willing To Join

There are plenty of patriots willing to join; all they lack is leadership and structure. Patriots like General Flynn and others who have either retired, resigned, or been purged from the military could provide that, and so could local sheriffs and their departments, many of whom are patriot. Patriots who have started and run a successful business are also likely leaders.

It is unlikely that the military would stand against a force like this, because in spite of the best efforts of the enemy there are still too many patriots in it. They would look at the militia and see their brothers, fathers, neighbors, friends, and many veterans, all united to do what those in the military all swore a sacred oath to do: “support and defend the Constitution… against all threats, foreign and domestic.”

But if I’m wrong about this, the militia becomes all the more important, because it will be the only hope loyal Americans have of survival. Remember the 100 million dead in the wake of the communist empire, and couple that with the deep hatred of patriots, Christians, and white people that has been programmed into the heart of the liberal herds. This makes clear that the most dangerous path for the good people of America to follow is the path of inaction.

The Power To Save Republic In Your Hands

Do not let these lying traitors fool you into laying down and doing nothing while your country is destroyed right before your eyes. The power to save the Republic is in our grasp, if we will only use it.

Action has consequences my friends, but so does inaction, and in the face of a growing tyranny, the consequences of that are extremely severe, as the history of communism makes all too clear. This is the side of the formula the enemy wants you to forget.

America is the land of the free because it’s the home of the brave; if history tells us anything it is that the home of the coward will not long remain the land of the free. Cowardice in the face of aggression has always been a self-defeating strategy, and so it is today. If the good people of America do not get organized in this way a time will come when they wish they had.

Militia Now Before Necessary For Survival


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