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The Global Reset Survival Guide Review

Glenn Beck Explains The Great Reset And Insurance Companies

The Global Reset Survival Guide Review

The Global Reset Has Already Begun

The coronavirus release, the punishing economic shutdowns, the engineered riots and the violent left-wing mobs running loose in America’s cities are all part of the planned global reset.

Great Reset And Climate Change Agenda
New Controlled Food System Now In Place
Prepping For Survival Economic Collapse 2022

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is now giving away a FREE download of a nine-hour audio book and PDF document which is a comprehensive reference guide that’s packed with the knowledge you need to survive. This is a 20 year project by Mike.

The Global Reset Survival Guide Review

The following is our review and comments on Mike’s very complete project with a description of the Global Reset and how you and your family can survive to rebuild a future world

DISCLAIMER: The methods and techniques described in this audio program are intended for last ditch survival use only in the context of a total collapse of society where no other options are available. Many of these methods are dangerous and may expose you to the risk of severe injury or death. Do not attempt to replicate the methods described in this program except as a last resort where you have no other choice. This information is offered as is with no warranty of any kind and the listener of this information assumes all risks associated with any application of the techniques and methods described herein.

MIKE: Welcome to the Global Reset Survival Guide. I am Mike Adams, your host, I am known as the Health Ranger, and I will bring you many hours here of explanations about the coming global reset; what it’s going to look like; and how to survive it. So just to begin, the global reset involves a collapse of most of what we have come to understand as a sustainable society. There is going to be a population collapse of between 70% and 90% of the existing human population. There will be a global economic collapse combined with the collapse of Fiat currencies and central banks. There would be a geopolitical collapse and a cultural collapse as well. The United States of America, in particular, as we know it will not exist for very much longer, certainly not by the year 2025 or maybe not even by 2022 – we’ll see. There is going to be a food supply collapse that will feed into the mass starvation, famine, and social unrest. There will be more biological weapons released to cause a second wave of the pandemic and there may be cyberattacks on the power grid, EMP weapons launched, additional false flag events to cause race wars in the United States, and so on. The bottom line is we could say roughly 90% of the human population will be killed off in the coming years. Now, there is a silver lining to this, by the way, and that’s part of what this program is about – how to be among the 10% that survive. You might wonder, why would you want to survive with all that chaos and horror and suffering? Well, number one, you and I are not causing suffering.

As we see it: It is our belief, after 50 years of study, that the Globalist Plan and Agenda has gradually formed over a 150 year period. It is now at a period of culmination, and if you don’t prepare quickly, you will not be among the survivors.

Great Reset Survival

Mike: All of these things, these are institutions of evil that must be brought down – and they will be – because the global reset is coming and out of it will emerge a completely different world where we have an opportunity to be more free. Now, just to be clear, I am not saying that the globalists have that plan in mind. What they want is to enslave the world. They think they can maintain power as they cause this global reset to occur. They think they can tear down the money system and then replace it with their own centralized, central bank cryptocurrency electronic wallet system. That is what they think.

They think they can tear down economies with the pandemic lockdowns and the quarantines and then that they can rebuild economies with nothing but debt. But, you see, they are wrong about that. They have become overconfident and they have made critical mistakes in their strategic planning and that is why they will fail. But, by the way, the globalists do want to see nine out of 10 people killed across our planet because they believe that is necessary for ecological sustainability to be achieved.

As we see it: The global central banking system and Federal Reserve was formed over several hundred years, and has developed what we call a giant scam, Ponzi scheme using fiat currency. The bankers have abused this system (at the detriment of the populace), to a point of collapse. Therefore, to keep their scam afloat, they must now go to a Global Digital Currency that they control.

Financial Survival

MIKE: The point is do your research away from the gatekeepers like Google and Facebook and Twitter because they are controlled by the very same globalists that are trying to kill you. If you want the truth about vaccines, of depopulation, the GMOs and the monetary reset, the Fiat currency – all those things – you need to go to, of course, independent and alternative media,

As we see it: There are new, uncensored sources of information being built on Decentralized Blockchain platforms emerging now, and we will keep you updated.

What You Will Learn In The Global Reset Survival Guide


  • How the Global Reset will likely unfold and what to expect (hint: It won’t happen all at once).
  • Why globalists have decided they don’t need 90% of the human population any longer.
  • What the coming financial reset means for you, and why you must convert fiat currency to precious metals.
  • The coming collapse of city and state budgets, and why local and state governments will fall into total chaos, causing tens of millions of Americans to lose their jobs and pensions.
  • Why it’s actually not that difficult to be among the 750+ million people who will survive.
  • How to use nutrition and natural medicine to survive the “second wave” of the coronavirus pandemic, or to defend you against any future bioweapons release.
  • Why a city is the worst “death trap” in a collapse.
  • What to look for in a rural retreat areas, either for permanent relocation or a quick bugout scenario.
  • How to stretch your storable food supplies, doubling how long they last by augmenting them with live food.
  • How to survive a FEMA raid on your rural location.
  • How to HIDE food, ammo, guns, survival supplies, gold and other items from FEMA or government tyrants (with very details, specific instructions).
  • How to bug out of a city if you’re stuck in one during the collapse.
  • How to PRIORITIZE your survival expenditures and activities to cover all the basics first, without wasting money on things that won’t help you very much.
  • How to cover all your core survival essentials while saving money.
  • Why the only assets that will truly survive the collapse are gold, silver, ammo, firearms, land and buildings.
  • How to purchase self-defense ammunition that causes maximum trauma in your intended target. While most “FMJ” ammo is sold out, you can still purchase hunting rounds and self-defense expanding tip rounds.
  • Which firearms you need first, and if you have the budget for it, here are EIGHT firearms you’ll need for maximum survival, during both day and night.
  • Night vision gear recommendations and why you need night vision to survive.
  • A low-budget alternative to night vision that only costs a few hundred dollars and allows you to monitor your property in low-light conditions.
  • Which helmet system is best for mounting night vision gear.
  • The importance of radio communications, and specific recommendations on exactly the radio gear to purchase for local survival communications.
  • Which comms headset is the best for tactical small unit communications, while offering hearing protection from gunfire.
  • Which firearms are best for women or smaller-framed individuals who can’t handle full-sized AR rifles or full-sized pistols.
  • Why you need a “chest rig” to carry spare magazines, radios, flashlights and other gear, along with brand recommendations for the best chest rigs.
  • Where to buy firearms parts and kits online at the best prices. How to legally manufacture your own firearms using a “Ghost Gunner” device (not legal in New Jersey).
  • Where to get a bulletproof ballistic vest for $99.
  • First aid gear recommendations: Which sanitizers to stock up on. Which products work best for treating wounds and infections. Alternatives for prescription antibiotics, etc.
  • How to make your own colloidal silver using silver coins and 3 x 9V batteries.
  • Recommendations for the best flashlights with rechargeable batteries.
  • Knowledge on water filters; which two kinds of water filters you need to own.
  • How to use the art of deception to defend your own home by making it look “burned out” or “trashed.”
Get Prepared For Serious Shortages Coming


MIKE: So, big picture view here, the globalists have reached the end of their current model of exploitation of humanity and part of this global reset is their method of transitioning to a new model of global control. Under the new model, they need far fewer people, hence the 90% kill rate that they are trying to achieve. To understand this, you’ve got to understand how the current model of exploitation has functioned for, you know, for hundreds of years. It has been really a global system of tax farms that are set up as nations, which have slave workers, i.e. you and me and people who pay taxes, who are working and paying money to their slave masters, which is the government for the most part – and then, the central banks are printing money to allow the looting and theft of productivity to go into the pockets of the globalists who run the central banks. So, understand the three levels that are at work here. You have the slave workers, you and me; then you have the government confiscators who are living off other people’s work – that’s the Joe Biden’s of the world; and then, you have the central banks that are looting everybody and taking money by money printing, i.e. debasing the currency so that they can create endless amounts of money and they can funnel that money into the pockets of themselves or their friends or they can get kickbacks, and at that level, what they are really doing is collecting gold. So, all the central bankers and all the billionaires who are tied to the central bankers, yes, they may use dollars and Fiat currencies such as the Euro in order to operate, but behind the scenes, they all have physical vaults that they’re stuffing with gold – why is that? Because they know that this whole Fiat currency system will crater, and at the end, the only thing that’s going to have value are things that are physical: gold, silver and land for the most part, which I’ll talk about later.

The Global Fiat Financial System Has Reached The Point of Collapse

Mike: Now, as part of this elimination, what’s driving this is the investment in and the  development of automationsystems. So, humanoid-type robots that can take the jobs of these low-wage humans have been under development for several decades and have now reached a point where in the next 10 years, these robots will be replacing a lot of humans. So, Amazon warehouses, for example, which currently employ, I do not know, hundreds of thousands of low-wage workers who hate their jobs and hate working and hate Jeff Bezos – these are just the worst workers in the world. I mean, this generation of workers, they hate having a job. They just think they should get free money. They just make a bunch of demands. I mean, the only thing that universities teach young people today is how to be a victim and how to make demands.

Mike: Well, the globalists have decided that once the robot automation is viable – which is very close at this point – the correct way, again, from their point of view on how to deal with all of these useless eaters they call them is to kill them all. I mean, how can you have a society where your governments are just bankrupted by paying all these entitlements to eventually generations of workers who can’t work, who refuse to work, who rise up and riot and burn your cities down, and demand reparations and everything? Eventually, that is not a sustainable model and so the globalists have already figured out that the way to deal with that is to kill them.

World Depopulation Agenda 2030

Mike: So, this decision has already been made in the minds of the globalists that the grand calling is here. It’s already been initiated and the way that they’re going to kill people off – and this is really key to understand – is through the global reset, specifically, they are going to crater the food supply; they are going to crater the economy, which has already begun, and the food supply disruptions have already begun; they are going to cause mass famine, starvation, death and disease; they’re going to release biological weapons, which has already begun, but there are more coming by the way that, like SARS-CoV-2, wasn’t the last one – get ready for Ebola-HIV version 17 or whatever they have in their twisted Fauci labs that they’re working on, that is coming next.

The Global Reset Survival Guide Review

The Global Reset Survival Guide Review


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The Global Reset Survival Guide

A “Global Reset” is now under way that aims to eliminate 90% of the human population on planet earth. Download this comprehensive nine-hour audio book and PDF reference guide and discover the knowledge you’ll need to survive.

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