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Technological Reset | The Great Reset Docuseries

Glenn Beck Explains The Great Reset And Insurance Companies

Technological Reset | The Great Reset Docuseries

It’s surprising that Youtube hasn’t deleted this video. This is information that Big Brother doesn’t want you to know.

Technological Reset | The Great Reset Docuseries
Rebel News
Now, in the first half of a two-part look at what Klaus Schwab calls the Technological Reset (or the Fourth Industrial Revolution), we examine some of the key figures and types of technology that are shifting the world as we know it. To help fund the ongoing production of this series, and to help Rebel News produce more 100% viewer-funded content like this in the future, visit
RAGman X
The more I see of this, the more I want to just GTFO into a lone cabin in the woods and strive to be left the hell alone. Harari may be the creepiest and most repugnant being in this whole cult. The guy is unapologetically misanthropic. He IS an enemy to humanity.
Monica Gienochio
Outstanding introduction!!!! You are awaking so many more people with truth. Don’t stop.
Kevin Aronyk
It’s astounding that most people still don’t have a clue who Klaus and his band of misfits are. They are just oblivious that their future is being designed so that we will become completely programable good servants… that is ,those who are “allowed to live.” It’s time people wake up before its too late. Great show, thank you.
Automatic Enforcer
Keep up the good work Rebel News
All these monsters must be destroyed worldwide.
Jimmy Zhao
The production quality of this report is Top Notch
Larris The Black Swan
What an awesome addition to the rebel team, Both both him and the documentaries.
We’re against satan’s army. Stay strong, pray, resist.
Travis Bruehl
Never in my lifetime could I imagine that we would see real world James Bond villians actually succeed in trying to take over the world. This is beyond insane.
Amir Tak
It’s becoming more abnormal to want to be normal in this world.
Chaze K
Greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put into making this docuseries. Masterful thus far. I look forward to the next episode, and keep doing what you’re doing. Torchbearer leading the way in dark, dark times. 🤝
Going Troppo Sailing
Thanks for exposing the villains in the WEF.
Sean Murphy
People are waking up but it will take a lot more than waking up to stop this. It will take a coming together with people we’ve been lead to believe are our enemies, and it will take action and substantial risk to ourselves and the people we love. Make no mistake, if we don’t come together and if we’re afraid to risk anything, we will not just risk losing everything, we’ll guarantee it, and we’ll deserve it.
Wayne Rogers
Sir, I commend your for your work and knowledge, just out standing for sure. Keep doing what you do. I am a senior and love to keep up with what is going on. We now live in a very dangerous world for sure and need the help of the young folks. Don’t give up and keep fighting/producing what you find for us to know about, Thank you.
Tim Waters
Great presenter. Good work Rebel News.
Jimmy Zhao
Leaders need followers. If you don’t like Schwab’s vision of the future, don’t go along with it. If enough people oppose him, he will soon fizzle out.
GREAT WORK REBEL .A lesson on lunatics .
These evil people must be stopped.
Just here to drop a daily reminder that Yuval Noah Harari, who is only super important and powerful in his own mind, it still bald and requires glasses.
Steven Wiederholt
I have been reading/studying history since the late 1950’s. I look at the world/politics/society through that lens. Starting 20 years (?) I came to realize something. You can sum it up in 3 words, Something…Always…Happens. Examples 1. The Rhine River fezzes over and And here comes the Germanic Tribes. 2. Archduke Ferdinand get lost in Sarajevo, and is killed by an assassin, who himself is Lost. History is full of examples like this. These people Think They Are In Charge, and know what is going on. “Lord what fools these mortals be!” Puck
R.Singh Sandhu
After watching this, looks like few evil people have taken the control of this planet ! May God save humanity from these dark souls.

Technological Reset | The Great Reset Docuseries


Technological Reset | The Great Reset Docuseries

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