The following websites and prepper links provide a ton of information on various subjects to help the prepper or survivalist-minded person. There are just a few of many other great sites in the prepping community and these all have earned my respect. Additionally, there are a lot of prepper resources listed below. If you have ideas for anything else, please let me know.

Survival and Preparedness Blogs – US


Survival and Preparedness Books

Survival Manuals – Introduction to concepts

Homesteading / Self Sufficient Skills

Natural Remedies / First Aid / Guides

Tactical Methods / Strategies / Security

Fiction – Philosophy – Foreshadowing

Survival Gear and Equipment

YouTube Channels


Survival and Prepper News, Directory’s and Aggregators 

Additional Prepper Resources

If you have a site you want to suggest for inclusion on this list, please contact us. I will be updating this page with resources you can download in the very near future.