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Freedom Has Never Been Free

Freedom Has Never Been Free

Longer You Wait More Expensive It Will Be

If the good people of America do not get organized and defend this country, and do it soon, this criminal gang will destroy the republic

BY: bob@deprogrammingservices

Should Good Men Form Committees of Safety?

For those who might not know, the term committee of safety was used by America’s first patriots to refer to the armed defense groups they formed. This makes clear how deeply rooted in American history and culture armed citizen defense groups are.

Today these are often condemned by government and media as vigilante groups, with such groups condemned as a really bad thing that must be avoided at all costs no matter what. But this is just another lie those traitors use to control us.

If government doesn’t want the good people of the community to form defensive groups it should take away the reason to do it, by fighting crime and keeping the neighborhoods safe. To refuse to do that, while tying the hands of the good people so they can’t protect their community, is an act of tyranny.

Simply stated, either do your job, or get out of the way and let us do it.

Vigilante Groups Have A Bad Reputation

Vigilante groups have a bad reputation because of the tendency of those groups to abuse the power their organization gives them, and in so doing become more like a criminal gang. But the exact same thing is true of government, with its abuse of power infinitely worse because of its greater power, and we still have government.

As Thomas Paine said in his essay¬†Common Sense, “…government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one…” In other words, it can be as dangerous as fire, but it is also as necessary to our survival as fire. We just need to make sure we keep it under control (which we haven’t done).

This same thing applies to good people getting organized and defending their communities when government refuses to do it, except that good men keeping their groups under control is more likely than government keeping itself under control, or a nation with a great many fools in it keeping its government under control.

Defending The Community

Defending the community applies to the larger community too: the criminal gang in Washington not only is not stopping an invasion across our border; it’s aiding and abetting it. This dereliction of duty combined with criminality gives the American people the right, and the duty, to get organized and defend their country. And when the government stops them from doing it, that government is committing a lawless act.

The government that does not defend the citizens and the homeland, but does stop its good citizens from doing that, is an essential accessory to serious crimes. For that reason it has lost any legitimate authority it had, because it has become literally a criminal gang.

And this is just one form of criminality it commits. Think about this: the same government that refuses to stop the invasion and fight crime buried us in a 34 trillion dollar debt (and that’s less than half of what it has stolen from us), and it’s still squandering our money like a crack whore with a stolen credit card.

But even with all that money and all the power it has, it doesn’t fulfill its most basic functions. This is because it is dedicated to becoming a despot, intent on destroying the free Republic our founding fathers left us and turning us into slaves. This is clear by looking at what it does, and looking closely at the propaganda it uses to try to justify it, all of which is based in satanic and marxist ideology, and intended for a single purpose.

That criminal gang has long been working on this agenda, slowly but surely building the machinery of despotism. This is why the longer good men wait to get organized and stand up in defense of their country, the more expensive freedom will be, with a heavy cost paid in blood.

If the good people of America do not get organized and defend this country, and do it soon, this criminal gang will destroy the republic that keeps us free. It’s not if, but how long will it take, and in the aftermath of the Biden coup that process is on a fast track.

The Criminal Gang That Took Control Of Your Government

So the most important criminal gang for the good people to defend America from is our own government, or more correctly, the criminal gang that took control of our government.

And this is all so obvious that if we do not stand up in defense of ourselves and our country we deserve what this criminal gang does to us; it’s poetic justice. But the really sad part of it is that it will be our children and their children who suffer most from our cowardice, and there is no poetic justice in that.

Freedom Has Never Been Free