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The Only Way Left To Save The Republic

Martin Armstrong Warns Of Impending Terrorist Attacks

The Only Way Left To Save The Republic

The Options Are Becoming Fewer With Each Passing Day

Here is an excellent and thought-provoking article written by Bob, posted on with his handle bob@deprogrammingservices.

As Bob points out in the article, this may be the only way left.

Citizens VS US Military 2nd American Revolution
A Look At A Georga Militia


@jlozinsk @GrizzledOldNamVet Here’s my suggestion:

The Only Way Left to Save the Republic
If it wasn’t clear before, it is clear now that our democratic processes have been too badly corrupted to save America, so it is time for patriots to get organized into a national militia for the defense of the Republic. There is nothing illegal about this, it’s as American as a love of freedom, and the time has come when this force is the only thing standing between America and a communist dictatorship.

Based on the 2020 election there are somewhere around 80 million loyal Americans in this country who can see through the lies fed to the nation by the smiling liberals on TV and their comrades in government (and that number should be substantially higher by now). Even if only 3% of these get organized, they will have a militia of nearly two and a half million patriots.

This force, well organized and well disciplined, can defend America from the enemy that seized control of the government. And if the other 97% actively supports them, with things like logistics, intelligence, communications, financial assistance, organization, counterpropaganda, food and housing for operators, concealment and transport of operators, and so on, the force will be unstoppable.

I do not think the military would stand against a force like this, because even though traitors have been placed into high level positions, the rank and file still has a substantial majority of patriots. They would look at the militia and see their brothers, fathers, friends, neighbors, and many former military people, all standing together to do what those in the military all swore an oath to do.

Maybe the military would divide and cancel itself out or maybe it would stand down, but standing against a massive patriot militia in these times as a unified body is unlikely, given its makeup.

If I’m wrong about this though the militia is all the more important, because it will be the only hope America has. And it will not be only freedom the militia will be defending: the communist empire has a hundred million dead in its wake; do you really think there won’t be 80 million more added to that number, once this cult of bloodthirsty traitors achieves the absolute power it lusts after?

And remember that the enemy has been purging patriots from the military, using slogans like right wing extremist and white nationalist to demonize patriots. Trump and his supporters, among other patriots, are commonly referred to by those and similar slogans. So the longer patriots wait to get organized, the more expensive freedom will become.

But if there is a political solution and the militia is never needed, no harm done: patriots will have simply made new friends and contacts, and made clear that they will stand together in the defense of their country. A strong network of patriots is a good thing for the country.

The same militia could do much to guarantee election integrity, even with the ones doing the overseeing being unarmed (with armed units off to the side ready to defend them). And this is just one way it could save the Republic.

It should consist of local militias tied together by state and national leadership structures. In any place that’s fortunate enough to have a patriot sheriff he and his deputies can provide structure and leadership. Then the sheriffs communicate with each other for mutual cooperation, and form their own leadership structure. This then forms the core of a national patriot militia.

Patriots like General Flynn could form the upper echelons. How many of these have been purged from the military because of their loyalty to America, and so have personally felt the liberal jackboot stomping down on them?

Where the sheriff is not a loyal American unified patriots might be able to get him replaced by a patriot, by guaranteeing election integrity and working within the local election system. And where the liberal cult is too big a majority for this to happen they can find another way to form a leadership structure.

This effort, if it is successful, could be followed by a patriot controlled Constitutional Convention. Without traitors having been removed from government this would be far too dangerous, but in the aftermath of a patriot victory it could do much good.

Remember: action has consequences, but so does inaction. Two stolen elections and America being run into the ground by traitors make clear just what those consequences can be. But if that isn’t enough, remember the hundred million killed by communism, so far, and many times that number enslaved. This is in our future my friends, if we continue to remain passive in the face of this aggression.

The Only Way Left To Save The Republic



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