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How To Build A Rocket Stove

How To Build A Rocket Stove

No Gas Or Electricity Needed

This is a really efficient little stove

My Patriot Supply

DIY Brick Rocket Stove – Cooking Without Electrical Power

Apr 19, 2017

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How to build a simple and inexpensive rocket stove for cooking using 25 bricks for about $15. Thrive Life can be purchased from our website. Would you like to learn more about the Thrive Life freeze dried food we were using in the video? Here is our “Cooking with Thrive” playlist… Here is our playlist about the Cubic Mini Wood Stove.… It can be purchased from The cast iron pot is from Cracker Barrel.

How To Build A Rocket Stove


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Great video for times like these. Anyone still coming to watch this, know that if you dig yourself a little divet nearby the rocket stove and fill it with sand, you can place the bottom of your cast iron pot into the sand after taking it off the rocket stove and twist n turn it around on the sand to wipe off the soot before taking the pot to the table. 😉 May Peace be with you, Eaglette.





Living On A Dime To Grow Rich
Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been looking for a “better” rocket type stove for city folks like us. 🙂 I’m going out to get the bricks ASAP!




People like you restore my faith in humanity – which is not easy to do. Thank you.





Megan Stoughton
It’s crazy to think that watching this video could potentially save my life one day. Thanks, y’all!





A. Leigh
He cares about how the stove worked, she cares about how the food tasted… real, wholesome teamwork right here 😭❤





Kenji Brian Kitagawa
my friends used to laugh at me cause I learned and I am still learning wilderness and urban survival and the art of bushcraft. They laughed even harder when i built two of these rocket stoves using brick and other recycled materials. Now in 2020, the laughter towards what i learned finally stopped. One of my friends sent me this link asking if this is how it’s done. Of course i said yes. Thank you for posting this.





Andrew Martin
Instead of watching stupid tv shows I watched your video and learned something for life. Thank you and best wishes for 2019!





DirtIsBetter ThanDiamonds
I made a 16 brick rocket stove after a hurricane and made 3 meals a day for 6 people and we had only gathered a 5 gallon bucket full of sticks and bark before the rains started. Power was out 6 days!





E Mack
I LOVE this!!!!!!! I’ll bet that even when your soup is finished, the residual heat from the stove could be great for rising dough for bread. Some old fashioned Southern style hot water bread with butter would top this beautiful chicken dish off like a champ!





Jamshed Rehman
I like your simple presentation. No bg music, no dramatization, no script, every bit of it so natural & inspiring. You both seem to have a great chemistry as well. To condense the long story, you’ve got a like & subscription from me. If possible, share with us how you two got along :p I am sure every one would love to hear that story.





Larry Farris
If I ever wondered what the demeanor of Christ was like I see it in this beautiful couple.





Robert Not Son of Divided
I am just happy to see a middle-aged couple happy together. Lol. Thumbs up





1st lesson: build a small stove & be more resilient; 2nd lesson: love & respect your tender half; Both lessons beyond any pricing.





Ken Landon
There’s a term for people like these: “Salt of the Earth”. Nice folks!





Sally Seaward
You simply HAVE TO buy a traditional 3 legged South African “potjie” pot – used for outdoor cooking over an open fire. A small sized one would be perfect for this stove.





This is how we cook in Africa. I mean in the villages with no electricity.





Jay Juggernaut
Beautiful couple; warm, loving and knowledgeable. Exactly who you’d want as your neighbors!





Megan Rosney
Semi retiring to my own place with a plot of land here in Wales for a simpler way of life. Looking at creating an outside kitchen and your video has just solved my ‘how’… 2 of those on a brick plinth would provide all the cooking surfaces I require, great simple video thank you.





Graham Commander
I accidentally found this video and had not even heard of this stove, but I was super impressed with the step by step instructions and the recipe sounds yummy too, it made me feel hungry. Loving couple too





T Lee
Seems like something that should be in everyone’s backyard





K Sab
Also big thumbs up seeing older people doing you tube vids don’t you agree, I’m middle aged, and love seeing people of all ages on you tube, love and peace to all around our planet





Sensei Hustle
This video is what makes my heart smile. This is Civilization 🔒🥇





Stephen Owen
I love your wife, I can imagine her giving me a warm bowl of soup and telling me its really not so bad and we’ll all get through this if we just help each other.





John Ostlund
A loving, enviable and inspiring couple. I learned a lot from just the way you treat each other. Taking notes. God bless





Caroline -
I love the love between this couple, and their happinesses in the little things in life





Thank you! This Rocket Stove is what I’ve been thinking of! Don’t have to worry about fuel and the wind!





Sanju Maity
Our ancestors have used this technique for years (I’m from India) however we still use it in urban areas during short tours or picnics and the intresting fact we use more lucrative ways (we wrap it up with clay paste for extra thermal conductivity) of this earthen stoves to cook regular dishes we usually eat… You must see couple of videos available on YouTube. With lots of love and respect from Kolkata, India. 🍀❤😊





David Carroll
Looking at the comments it’s all been said before but not by me. It’s clear to see you are a warm loving couple who have a big caring generous heart between you both, and the tips and instructional uploads you do are there to help people who for whatever reason find themselves in situations that require these type of skills.God bless you both x




Big Richard





Doris Ngetich
What a lovely couple. I just got caught up for the love they have for each other . Thanks for the rocket stove awesome





[ Deez Nuts !!! ]
You can tell they are truly in love what a sweet lil couple ☺





Cleaning the ashes out will need a shallow flat scoop or dismantling the thing, (which is easy enough.) Maybe leaving a trayin there, so when you are done, just pull it out. I went and built one of these using an old 7″ saw blade as a ledge for the sticks, (I pinched it between the blocks). That way, you need only 23 blocks if you don’t need any for the kettle stand. I also I put it on a small table I had around the house, so the dog isn’t tempted, and I don’t have to squat. Thanks, I’ve been wanting to make one “forever,” and yours looked so easy, I finally got mine made. Thanks!





Phillip Gage
A supportive wife will go a long way in grid down scenarios.