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Catherine Austin Fitts The Truth Teller

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Catherine Austin Fitts The Truth Teller

Cathering Austin Fitts Is Amazing

Catherine Austine Fitts is discussing The Financial coup d’é·tat of the US Federal Government. 

Get a look at the hidden aspects of the Financial Mafia of the US Fed Govt.

This interview will answer many of the questions you may have – but you may need to go back and listen several times.

Be prepared to be amazed !!!

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Narrative #62 – Catherine Austin Fitts (Improved Audio)

Sep 30, 2021
We produce this livestream without a budget, please support our further production. All donations are greatly appreciated ————————— Aufgezeichnet am 16.09.2021 Narrative #62 Catherine Austin Fitts Mafia of the powerful Filmmaker Robert Cibis questions the former US vice-minister and investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts about the mechanisms of the interplay between politics and finances. She reveals how massive systemic corruption leads to the replacement of democracy with orders and control, subtly at first and obviously in the Corona crisis. Finally, the two discuss the simple stance that can be taken to minimise further damage. ———- Besuch unsere Plattform: Unserem Telegram-Kanal beitreten: Unseren E-Mail-Verteiler abonnieren:… Narrative Streaming übersicht: Webseite: Übersicht: ——————————–

Catherine Austin Fitts The Truth Teller

Catherine Austin Fitts The Truth Teller


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Bilal Al-Dabagh
This lady is the oracle of information. I could listen to her hours & hours long. Thanks for this very important important interview.
S j K
Excellent interview! This woman is so darn sharp. Just wish she wasn’t so darn right. We are in trouble.
Nevaeh B.
This is the best interview I have seen so far. Catherine Austin Fitts seems to be such a nice human being- we need more people like her.
The breadth of knowledge on display in this interview is breathtaking….so succinct and to the point. Makes everything we are going through in the world make perfect sense.
Steve Rickmon
Brilliant interview with one of the few macro/micro analytical deep thinkers/dot connectors on the planet. Best person I’ve seen who can boil a complex concept into plain language without losing nuance. When you want to “follow the money”, you want CAF.
This is a great interview, much better than the American ones where the hosts never make her clarify her points enough. She is fantastic but her info is difficult to follow if you do not ask enough concerning the details of these complex issues.
Douglas de Rainville
One living being on the land, standing tall and being responsible through self thinking,ready and always giving her most precious,” Time.” Her learnings plus teachings brings truth,to the front of history.Her love for truth brings freedom for humanity,I hear and see her life’s effort and good will is the foundation and building,that one need only to,” Just Think About It,” We has “ One “ Making Childhood Great Again.” Bravo Catherine for your “ Leadership,” Enjoy.!!!
Dave Lang
Catherine is really a bomb of information! Thanks for this jaw dropping interview!!!
I have so much respect for Catherine, and any interviewer that has her as the guest❣ Much Love from Canada 🇨🇦 💝. Thank you for this interview❣🥰
“They decided they would rather have spaceships than nursing homes.” Quite literally. If you look at the Secret Space Programs, that’s where a lot of the money has disappeared to. Researcher Michael Schratt has done some excellent work on this topic.
Excellent interview. I could listen to her talk for hours. Thank you!
Good stuff!! Sobering… But well presented. Catherine is a tour de force.
Halbert King
” Until you change the way money works , you change nothing . ” Catherine Austin Fitts and the late Michael C. Ruppert
Yvonne Schäffer
Oh mein Gott! This lady needs an army of very trustful bodyguards!
Greatest insightful interview ever seen since couple of months. It opens eyes whom want to see
Tine Schubert
Oh wow, was für ein grandioses Interview! Wieder ein Puzzlestück mehr in dem ganzen Wahnsinn. Vielen Dank für Ihren so wertvollen Einsatz, Herr Cibis ♥♥♥
Well you have a new subscriber here. Please continue your excellent interviews, our world must join together and take back our privacy and rights. I’m familiar with Catherine Austin Fitts and she always presents something new with every interview!
Michael Woods Mccausland
She has been known throughout the last 25 years!
Love this woman. Father, please protect her. And if at all possible, send more of her. Thank-you. Amen.
Gezila Lupke
Wow, dear kathy, you are so special, you are better than most leaders, you believe in god and his power , may god and all his saints protect you, loving greetings gisela
J Walker
Thank you, Catherine for all you do!
Erna Galvin
I wonder if interviews like this are translated into other languages so that everyone in the world can understand. If there’s one thing that really does need to be available in every language it is this information.
Erna Galvin
This was invaluable! Thank you so much for asking those clarifying questions which lead to complex points being explained in a way that ordinary people can understand. You have an provided ENORMOUS SERVICE.
Lloyd Braun
The interviewer asked all the right questions and did such a great job. I get so lost sometimes and most interviewers don’t want to appear “stupid” so they just nod their heads. Bravo! Catherine knows her stuff but she makes the mistake most highly informed people do on a subject: she assumes we know all the definitions and minutiae.
Mark D'Haen
Robert Cibis has an exemplary way of interviewing.
Wie immer brilliant, danke für Ihre wunderbare Arbeit!!
Mike G
Thank you for p