Banks Will Seize Your Money In The Coming Financial Crisis

Banks Will Seize Your Money In The Coming Financial Crisis

Banks Will Seize Your Money In The Coming Financial Crisis

Many People Don't Know That The Regulations Are Already In Place

All Financial Preppers need to prepare for this possible outcome – Look to Cryptocurrency

Banks Will Seize Your Money In The Coming Financial Crisis

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Banks to Seize Your Money in Coming Financial Crisis Warns David Morgan

Aug 25, 2021


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The world is going to have another banking crisis but the next time around, the banks are going to take depositors’ money via a “bail-in.” This is the latest theory from respected market watcher, David Morgan of The Morgan Report. Morgan tells our Daniela Cambone, “The bailout situation is over. It will be bail-ins next time, which means you become an unsecured creditor of the bank. This means that if you don’t hold it, you may not own it. If we were to have a bail-in, they may not take all of your currency, but they would probably take part of it.” Morgan compares the situation to Argentina; “All the money in their banks was still yours, but you were limited to what you could take out.” #banks #financialcrisis #investing ICYMI, check out Daniela’s latest interviews here! – Be sure to sign up for exclusive content and interviews from Daniela that you can’t find on YouTube! – ______________________________ Follow us on Facebook:… Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:… Follow us on LinkedIn:…


Banks Will Seize Your Money In The Coming Financial Crisis

Banks Will Seize Your Money In The Coming Financial Crisis

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Monty Klaus
Thy took everyone’s money in 1929, why would thy not do it again
Andrew Graeme
Similar bail-in laws have been passed in just about every country on Earth.
Kirk Hortel
“I have to pay people that work with me.” That is a powerful statement.


Joseph Jones
If this is a bail-in video, I’ve often reminded people to take out as much cash as possible, since the banks can be a major liability, electricity isn’t guaranteed, banks aren’t always open, and bank runs lead to plenty of problems. I’d rather be my own bank since banks are a monopoly in how we receive income, and transact. BYOB Be Your Own Bank


Woke AF
The “bail-in” scenario forced thousands in Cyprus to move into Bitcoin, back in 2013. Anything over $100k was take to “recrapitalize” the corrupt, self-destructive centralized banking system. This was the first mass migration into Bitcoin, bringing the price from $20 to over $200 within 6 weeks. The rest is history.


Will Loudner
Frozen is still gone, if you can’t buy what you need you are at there mercy!


I remember when The Greeks were only allowed to withdraw so much a day.


I’ve been listening to David Morgan for years. He’s a straight shooter who gives his best guesstimate on where things are headed based on his knowledge and expertise. This made me really sit up and take notice because he’s not a “the sky is falling” kind of guy. God forbid his fears become reality. God help us if they do.


Joshua Lee
Governments devalue dollars by printing them constantly. Its not confiscation, its dilution, but it achieves the same thing for government without the nasty headlines. Neat trick, huh?


Self Evident
I just re-weighed all of my 1 ounce coins. They all still weigh 1 ounce. Gold is doing it’s job!!


Michael the Prophet
This sounds sensible. If they did a “bail-in” on the population as a whole, there would be a lot of bankers that end up at the hands of lynch mobs and find themselves swinging. If, on the other hand, they do this to the upper class they would be able to control that.


Banksters have had their time and banks are obsolete anyway. It is just a matter of time before the vast majority of the population realises that.


Jen Gonzalez
Uncle Joe cant get anything right, everything reeks inflation, gas prices are bullocks, its everyman for himself. The good thing is people are getting to know cash is pretty much stone age at this point, it is designated to fail eventually, 3 BEST and surprisingly easy ways to double or hold your funds in 2021; Real Estate, Gold, Who can guess the 3rd??


My dad heard them say on the radio, the guv was going to seize 401ks to bail out the guv. It wouldn’t surprise me.


CAR Jones
Maybe, they’ll bail in 10% of every account.


Tony O Face
David Morgan is the man!


Wesley T
When the silver guru speaks, I listen.


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