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25 Essential DIY Self-Sufficient Living Projects

25 Essential DIY Self-Sufficient Living Projects

25 Essential DIY Self-Sufficient Living Projects

the easiest, cheapest, most disaster-resistant way to get off grid

The one-step shortcut to a safe, more independent, and self-sufficient lifestyle

25 Essential DIY Self-Sufficient Living Projects

My Patriot Supply

Survival Sanctuary Book

It could be the easiest, cheapest, most disaster-resistant way to get off grid…

…with your own electricity, water, food, and more. Made entirely at home.

“Survival Sanctuary” is a guide for anyone concerned about their wellbeing. But in the end, it became something more…

That’s because if you apply this knowledge today, Survival Sanctuary will forever be your one-step shortcut to a safe, more independent, and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Here’s Just A Glimpse of What You’ll
Find in ‘Survival Sanctuary’:

Survival Sanctuary Book

Survival Sanctuary is a book you’ll want to have close by. On your bookshelf, in your car, or in your bug out.

Drawing on Mark Johnson’s breakthrough S.C.A.R methodology, he “stole” from the US military, to give you the most robust off-grid system imaginable.

Packed full of beginner-friendly DIYs to support your self-reliance. Made from easily salvaged, simple to assemble parts. No special tools needed. Showing you: how to build a root cellar or bunker from scratch; assemble a wind turbine from junk, passively collect, store and purify hundreds of gallons of fresh water; set up a low-space, high-yield farm, and even build a radio from scrap, like pencils and paperclips.

The list goes on!

Just keep in mind what you’ll watch and read below is just the tip of the iceberg and there’s far more locked away inside ‘Survival Sanctuary’

Freely Pump Gallons of
Water Around Your Home Without


The DIY video you’re about to see is just one of 25 similar projects locked inside this book. No plumbing skills needed.

Featuring highly detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Dig Your Own Water Well…
    For limitless free water that could cut your bills by as much as 90% overnighti.
  • How to Secretly Stash Hundreds of Gallons of Water
    Invisible, even from Uncle Sam!
  • Make (Almost) Any Water Source Safe to Drink
    Thanks to a unique, chemical-free filter made from common items found in most yards.
  • Passively Collect & Store Free Rainwater
    Using a simple trick that could slash your bills by as much as $500 and save your skin in a crisisii|iii.

DiY Projects

More than enough to support the 13.21 gallons of water the average person needs every day, according to expertsiv . Or about a bathtub every week, per person.

How to Install Solar Panels
in 5 Easy Steps

  • How to DIY A Low-cost Wind Turbine
    That needs only a gentle breeze to output 100 watts. Or charge batteries non-stop.
  • Build A Fuel Generator from Improvised from Car Parts
    One that can fit almost any fuel type. Even in an OPEC-like oil fuel crisis.
  • A Water Wheel That Powers Homes 24/7
    Perfect for when there’s no sun, wind, or other energy sources available.

DiY Projects

Even better, these plans are 100% scalable. Need more power? Simply build another generator. All at a fraction of the $1,500 price tag we pay (on average) for energy each monthv . Or the $30,000+ it could cost you to have them installed professionally.

What’s more, they’re disaster resilient. This means they can take a beating. Whether it’s a hurricane, EMP or something worse. Keeping you safe. No matter what.

Feed Your Family with These 4
Low-space Food Projects


DiY Projects

Giving you the ultimate low-space (huge yield) garden. Even if you’re a total gardening dunce. Including…

  • Tiny-space Plans for an Indoor Vertical Farm
    The most efficient way to get stacks of free food. Even in a city apartment. No bending or stretching needed. In fact, there’s no fertilizer either!
  • The “Lazy Gardener’s” Square-foot Garden
    Great for companion planting. Where every crop helps to keep the others pest-free and healthy for maximum harvest size with minimal “work”.
  • An Underground (Walipini) Greenhouse
    That grows summer fruits and veg, even in winter. Without the fragility, theft worries and maintenance pain of your typical greenhouse.
  • How to Create a (Low Water) Wicking Bed
    That only needs watering every 2-3 weeks. Using 50% less H2O than a conventional garden. Perfect for dry states like Texas, California, and more.

And not just for food. Because these projects are also great for a medicinal garden. Giving you powerful healing remedies. While also keeping you fed. But they wouldn’t be complete without…

How to Make a Food Stockpile That
Never (Ever!) Spoils

How to Make a Food Stockpile That
Never (Ever!) Spoils


DiY Projects

Without unreliable refrigeration, tasteless MREs, or forcing you to rebuild your supply every few weeks to avoid spoilage. AND without spilling onto every unused surface of your home like some embarrassing hoarder. Including…

  • How to Build A Solar Dehydrator
    Which uses the free power of the sun to safely preserve vegetables and meat for years.
  • Stock Food the Traditional Way with A Root Cellar
    That also doubles as an underground bunker. Perfect for stormy times. Without the dangers of re-freezing or thawing that could make food unsafe.
  • How to Build Your Own DIY Freeze-drier
    That can safely preserve food for up to 25 years. While also shrinking it. Making it easier to store.
  • And More…

There are just so many great projects to choose from. Not all of which can be easily categorized. Like…

Why Not Beat Heatwaves With
A DIY Air Conditioner ?

Homemade AC

That could save you thousands on your energy bill, and keep you comfortable, even when it’s 122° outside.

Critical, especially once you consider such heatwaves have tripled in recent times and are getting hotter every day. What’s worse, many can be lethal. Especially for seniors, pets, and small children. Or, why not learn to…

Jerry-Rig a Radio like the PoWs
in WW2 Prison Camps


It’s a clear no-brainer that information, like weather reports, news, or contact with loved ones can make all the difference in a survival situation. Much like it did for POWs in WW2 prison camps, where these radios were routinely disassembled, hidden, and rebuilt from ordinary items, keeping prisoners one step ahead of their captors. And finally…

7 Top-Security Projects Too
Risky to Show Online…


Because, even though they’re designed for self-defense, in the wrong hands these projects could cause serious harm. And once you read them, you’ll know why.


  • A modern variant on a medieval tool which can pierce through sheets of solid steel.
  • How to deliver a stunning shock to anyone who gets too close for comfort, using a tiny change to an item you’d normally smile and say “cheese” at.
  • A DIY version of a flashbang used by SWAT officers to make suspects comply…
  • How to install your very own intruder alarm which, unlike an electric system, goes off with a BANG.
  • Our modern interpretation of a silent hunting tool used by the natives of South American jungles (only this time we’ve added a laser for accuracy).
  • One method to hide valuables that’s more secure than a solid steel safe… because it’s 100% undetectable and blends into your living space flawlessly.
  • And finally, what’s promised on the cover of the book. Perfect for roasting roaches on your property.

All vital projects, small and large that can safeguard your skin and make you more self-reliant.


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25 Essential DIY Self-Sufficient Living Projects

25 Essential DIY Self-Sufficient Living Projects


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