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Getting Organized To Defend Your Country

Getting Organized To Defend Your Country

Constitution Is Clear Militia Is Part Of National Defense

Another very timely article by Bob @

Getting organized to defend your country from a growing tyranny carries risk. But not getting organized in infinitely more dangerous


Getting Organized To Defend Your Country

Getting organized to defend your country from a growing tyranny carries risk. But not getting organized is infinitely more dangerous, because it guarantees victory for the enemy. And the history of communism, with a hundred million dead and many times that number enslaved, makes clear what the consequences of that will be.

So it’s really not a question over whether to get organized, because there is no other way to save the Republic and keep yourself and everyone you care about from either being hauled off to a death camp or becoming a slave; the question is over how to alleviate risk while doing it.

Look at what this enemy has done in the past, and do not let any ruthless act it attempts be unexpected. Always be on guard, even though you are not doing anything illegal.

Government Traitors Likely To Infiltrate

Remember that government traitors are likely to infiltrate any patriot group, and those traitors can do things like what they did to the Randy Weaver family, including even planting evidence and that kind of thing. Do not underestimate their ruthlessness, their total lack of human decency, or their ravenous thirst for the blood of patriots.

Do Not Let The Enemy Threaten You Into Inaction

But do not let the enemy threaten you into inaction, or into not getting organized. Fear is a weapon it uses to control you as it builds its war machine. If it is something to be feared now, what do you think it will be once that machine is complete? This is the side of the formula the enemy would like you to forget.

It’s the same thing as if someone you know (or suspect) to be a sadistic killer tries to force you to get into his van. If you fear him then, what do you think you’ll feel when he gets you to a place where he has complete control?

The same rule always applies: defend yourself from aggression while you have a chance of success, because it is very likely that you won’t have any chance at all later.

Need Massive Movement To Organize At Same Time

There should be a massive movement to organize all at the same time, with local militias forming all over, and networking with each other so they can support each other and act as a unified body when necessary.

A large enough and well enough organized group like this can defend itself from government traitors, even if government snitches do infiltrate some or many of the groups. The key is in standing together and standing strong against the aggression, instead of cowering before it; if one group is attacked by traitors in government, other groups come to its defense.

Wherever the local sheriff is a loyal American, he and his department can provide leadership, structure, and a greater level of legitimacy to the local militia; sheriffs can network with each other and form a national leadership structure.

Local Sheriff Utilization 

If your sheriff is a loyal American talk to him about this. But if he is not, there are no doubt people in your community who are good at organizing and can step up into leadership positions. Just be careful who you choose for those positions.

Military experience is obviously useful, but those chosen for upper leadership positions should have a history as a competent and successful executive; a former officer is a good choice, but if one like this is not available, someone who started and ran a successful business is a good choice.

A national militia that can take and hold ground, remove the traitors from power, and bring them to justice, can save America. This is the reason the 2nd Amendment was written (or one reason anyway).

Some patriots say it’s best for there not to be a national militia organization, and that many independent groups all dedicated to the same purpose and following general orders would be better. This though would be a far more dangerous course of action, and it isn’t necessary. A situation might arise that makes it necessary, but as it stands now a national militia looks much better.

According to one of the world’s foremost experts on guerilla war, Mao Zedong, there are three stages of it: 1, get organized 2, survive, harass the enemy, and grow, and 3, become a regular army force that can take and hold territory, and be in control. There is no reason for a big patriot militia to go through the first two stages, and doing so will be far more dangerous than going right to the third stage.

Behold The 3%

If only 3% of the 80 million patriots that voted for Trump form into a militia, it will be plenty big and strong enough to become a regular force, especially with a significant portion of the the other 97% supporting it any way they can.

But if we wait too long, it will be necessary to go back to the beginning as a guerilla force, with the army by then totally dedicated to supporting the communist dictatorship, and every bit of government power, with every bit of high tech equipment, dedicated to crushing the militia and placing all loyal Americans who survive in slave labor and death camps, with the media waging a massive psyops campaign in support of it.

And realistically, if the American people won’t get organized and take a stand now while it’s relatively easy and there is a high probability of success, and probably without a shot even being fired, it is unlikely that a significant number will do it when it becomes infinitely more dangerous.

Stand In Defense Now, Or Be Forced To Kneel Before A Tyrant Later

So as the saying goes, we either stand in defense of our country now, or we will be forced to kneel before a tyrant later, and that likelihood is not far off.

Getting Organized To Defend Your Country



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