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The Communist Revolution Is Underway

Martin Armstrong Warns 2024 Election Will Be Rigged

The Communist Revolution Is Underway

Perhaps You Didn't Even Notice And It's Happening All Around You

Another fine article by Bob @

Bob continues with our project to try and wake up the masses (the Sheeple in some cases)




The communist revolution has been underway since early in the 20th Century; it has made big advancements here and there along the way, including many during the FDR, Johnson, and Obama regimes.

It has been expanded by adding cultural marxism to economic marxism, with the new oppressed groups women and nonwhite people, and the new oppressor the evil white man. Same plan as before, adjusted to fit the lay of the land.

Since 1965 an invasion of marxist voters has been underway, slowly but surely giving ever more political power to the enemy. Marxist controlled schools and media have indoctrinated generations. Traitors have taken control of the bureaucracies. And a massive parasite class dedicated to the rise of communism has been built.

Biden Coup Of 2020

The Biden coup of 2020 was a really big advancement, and much more ground has been taken in its aftermath. The deliberate ruination of the economy is nearly complete.

Groundwork Laid For Disarmament

Groundwork has been laid to disarm patriots when the time comes, with the red flag scam that allows government to disarm anyone government claims might be dangerous, combined with a propaganda blitz demonizing patriots, referred to by the slogan “white nationalists,” as the most dangerous of all terrorists.

The schools have been turned into indoctrination centers long ago, programming marxist (and satanic) dogma into those who pas through them, with colleges advanced indoctrination centers, as well as filtration systems, filtering out many who do not succumb to the indoctrination. And no one gets into a management position who has not passed through one of them.

The more time goes by the more power this enemy gets, so the ground taken by the enemy gets taken in bigger and bigger pieces. In the past the enemy could not have gotten away with such a blatant coup, or such obvious marxist indoctrination, or other things it has been doing lately.

History Of Communism

So what do you think this enemy will be doing once its war machine is complete? The history of communism, with a hundred million killed, and many times that number enslaved, answers this question all too well.

So the bigger question we should be asking is this: why are the good people of America laying down and allowing this machinery of tyranny to be completed, right before our eyes, when it is so clear how that machinery will be used?@GrizzledOldNamVet

The Communist Revolution Is Underway



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