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You Will Run Out Of Money In Weeks

You Will Run Out Of Money In Weeks

Banks and Lenders Brace For Impact

We are not giving investment or financial advice on this post, but John Williams does bring some valid points that are backed up with facts in the video.

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You Will Run Out Of Money In Weeks



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what’s up guys John here I heard a
multi-billionaire say something about
the commercial real estate market and
the economy that I thought was extremely
important it kind of Paints the clear
picture of what’s really going on here
so David sacks he’s in the all-in
podcast he’s worth according to this two
to three billion dollars he’s an
extremely wealthy guy and so he owns a
commercial property in San Francisco
valued at about 15 million dollars he
owes nine million dollars on the
building he’s set to refinance this
property at the end of this year so the
next couple months he went to the bank
to get this new loan the bank said we
will only give you 2.6 million dollars
on a 15 million dollar building I don’t
think that’s worth about 15 million
dollars it’s an office building there’s
a 9 million dollar loan on it that is
coming up to be refinanced at the end of
the year they agreed to give me 2.4
million out of the nine secured by the
building that’s it 2.6 million on a 15
million dollar building even given the
fact that you know he probably has a
great relationship with this Bank he
probably has a lot of deposits and uh
2.6 is what they’re offering him so when
you look at these kind of numbers and
how you know where Banks really stand
how conservative they are right now I
think it’s worth noting because when we
walk into this new type of normal it’s
going to get harder to get financing for
commercial properties for a lot of
properties I think it’s going to be
harder than it’s been in a very very
long time and that’s not what I’m saying
that’s what data is showing so if you
are thinking about investing in real
estate you’re thinking about you know
making some big moves the next six
months the next year or so here’s some
really interesting insights to help put
you in the right path so that you can
take advantage of this great wealth
transfer please hit the like button hit
the like button people share this
content the educate other people about
what’s really going on and if you want
to fix your credit you want to position
yourself for funding for financing we
would love to help fix your credit so
that when you apply for a loan whether
it be for a credit card a balance
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free strategy session take a look at
this so I mean this is absolutely crazy
right now Banks to Hemorrhage 250
billion because of the cratering office
real estate market says investor who
cashed in on the 2008 housing crash two
hours ago right 46 minutes ago office
real estate crash will cost U.S banks as
much as 250 billion dollars well look at
what’s going on right now with global
liquidity Global liquidity is down a
massive one trillion dollars over the
last 10 weeks since the high of 2022 4.2
trillion in global liquidity has dried
up we are now back down to pre-pandemic
liquidity levels after Printing and
handing out 4 trillion in stimulus while
lowering rates to zero overnight the
party is now over there’s no such thing
as free money we are entering are we
entering a near liquidity crisis well
overall rejections for credit card
applications rise
21.8 percent the highest since 2018. the
rejection rate of auto loans up 9.1
percent up from 14 today
rejections for credit card limit
increases requests jumped to 30.7
percent meanwhile credit card
application rates jumped 24.8 consumers
want more debt and lenders are concerned
well this is validated because Bank
deposites tumbled 70 billion last week
to the lowest level since mid-may small
Banks had the biggest bank drain since
the banking crisis in March deposit
levels at small Banks lowest since July
level at large Banks lowest since April
21 treasury borrowing sucking out all of
the oxygen well here’s what I’m seeing
even you can even see this right now in
Canada’s real estate market it’s very
you know relevant here in America growth
in real home prices Road disposable
income and population right you look at
the US you can see these Peaks 2006 and
then boom now you’re seeing Peak versus
home prices compared to income levels
very similar but if you look at Canada
this is absolutely this is stating what
is likely going to happen to the
Canadian economy incomes relatively flat
with a modest increase home prices Sky
High but this is where it all gets
interesting Americans will likely run
out of excess savings this quarter so
here’s what I see happening here’s how I
see this thing happening I think there’s
going to be a couple unique variables
the first is student loans that are
going to be due October 1st October 1st
so you’re talking 20 days from now 20
days you’re going to see a lot of people
have these hard decisions to make pay
student loans pay my credit card bills
pay the landlord pay food prices Pay
Auto you know Auto
leases auto loan payments auto insurance
these payments right they’re going to
start making decisions they’re gonna
have higher and higher risk and what I
think ultimately is going to happen here
is I believe we’re going to start seeing
a lot of people defaulting starting in
October but I don’t think these defaults
are really going to start to register
and become public information until
luckily November December but around
those times what are we going to likely
see here increased energy bills because
it’s going to be cold in many areas of
the country so increased energy cost
we’re gonna see more traveling we’re
gonna see holiday spending we’re going
to see a much much more or
rigorous dependence on these credit
cards right and so as the New Year comes
we’re likely going to start to see
credit contraction get even worse and
we’re going to see credit card defaults
continue to rise and at that time we’re
going to see student loan the aftermath
the student loan problem you know become
much more visible mainstream and around
that same time consumers are set to run
out of all money right so we look at all
this and we see Jerome Powell saying
yeah we’re going to be increasing
interest rates in the short term what I
believe that’s going to mean is we’re
going to see a massive liquidity crunch
whether it be for auto loans credit
cards personal loans and we’re just
going to see a much much harder
environment to get financing and funding
but if you look at 2008 2009 2010 what
ultimately happen during that era is we
saw a mass crunch of liquidity but those
that had access to it were able to make
an absolute Fortune so how did you get
access to it well you need to have
stable income you need to have some cash
in the bank you need to have you know
good credit you need to put yourself in
a really really strong position but when
you have a situation like David sacks
here worth two to three billion dollars
and this billionaire is being offered
2.6 2.6 million on a 15 million dollar
property and the reason for it and you
know what’s very interesting is that he
had to personally guarantee the loan
commercial real estate is normally not
like that the building is the guarantee
because they’re lending on the asset
whereas when you’re investing in
residential real estate one to four
units your credit score is on the line
you are the personal guarantee but on
Commercial it’s not usually like that so
when we’re looking at this they are only
running on Millennium 2.6 million or a
15 million dollar deal he has to
personally guarantee the loan
he’s going to write the check for nine
million dollars and he said he’s going
to refinance the deal later so what I
think is very likely going to happen
here is I just think we’re going to
start to see a ton of distress in this
market a ton of distress I’m actually
shocked that we have not seen home
prices fall just yet I’m shocked what’s
actually happening in this economy the
amount of economic engineering that went
into the last couple years is
unbelievable because if there wasn’t
four you know situations such as the
eviction moratoriums forbearances
student loan pauses utility bills being
optional all these things record levels
stimulus PP loans all of these little
Protections in place we would have seen
a big big problem a couple years ago but
now I don’t think they’re gonna I don’t
think they’re going to turn the money
printers back on unless there’s just one
thing there’s one big question mark that
I have because we’re hearing a lot of
news about you know that 2020 situation
coming back around if that does come
back around could we see a situation
where they turn the money printer back
on it’s unlikely but even if they did
even if they did do that what ultimately
what happened is inflation will likely
get much much worse and we would likely
see a lot of pain this go around for
small businesses that are already on the
brink of financial hardship
we would see a lot of mom and pop
landlords we’d see a lot of people
hitting massive levels of distress if
eviction moratoriums came back this time
around I’m not saying that’s going to
happen I’m not saying that’s going to
happen but when we start to look at some
of these headlines that are coming out
every single day now when we look at the
last three years it’s very very
challenging for someone to say that’s
impossible for someone to say that will
never happen because the last three
three and a half years everything that
you know if we were to look back five
years ago no one would have predicted
any of this they would have all said it
would never ever happen in a million
years at this point I think it’s unwise
to ever say that certain things won’t
happen because in this world anything’s
possible what do you think about this
situation do you think we’re going to
see a liquidity crisis to the election
which we’ve never seen across commercial
real estate do you think we’re going to
start to see a lot of mom and pop
landlords looking to unload and
liquidate assets do you think we’re
going to start to see people selling off
cars now that you know these car
payments are to the roof now that people
are going to be pushed into a really
into a hard Corner what are they going
to do right what are they going to do
they’re going to start defaulting
everywhere credit cards auto loans home
equity loans or credit we’re just going
to start seeing a lot of opportunity for
those that have great credit cash in the
bank strong income that are being very
very responsible right now and if you’re
looking to do a balance transfer you’re
looking to do anything like that this is
the best time
in my opinion to apply for some of these
offers because as we start seeing more
stress and this stress becomes much more
publicly available and undeniable the
data points are there you’re going to
start seeing these Banks contract even
more you’re going to start seeing these
contractions happening even more across
Consumer Credit so right now if you have
credit card debt it’s a great time to
apply for balance transfer credit cards
if you’re looking to increase
relationships with banks now’s a great
time to start to do that Now’s the Time
To You know to really kind of plant
those seeds for the big opportunity that
I think is going to be coming in the
next six to 12 months drop your comments
below hit the like button if you need
help fixing your credit or you just want
some free advice on what you can do to
kind of you know get your credit score
back on track if you have late payments
medical bills charge us foreclosures
bankruptcies repossessions or any
negative derogatory items on your report
book a free strategy session below and
I’ll catch you guys the next video

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