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Who Really Controls The Fed?

Who Really Controls The Fed?

Who Really Controls The Fed?

JP Morgan's Secret About The CBDC

United States Federal Reserve is considering the creation of a digital dollar and we all know how a CBDC could turn our lives into orwellian nightmares.
The “End Game” in the video starts at 19:00 min.
Inflation can have a significant impact on individuals and their cost of living. As a result, it can cause negative market sentiment. It is important for individuals and businesses to find ways to navigate and potentially mitigate the effects of inflation on their finances. The current economic climate, including underperformance of financial markets due to fear of inflation, has led to a decrease in the value of my portfolio. I would appreciate any recommendations on how to potentially increase returns during this market downturn.
It is rancid news now that the Federal Reserve may soon lose control of interest rates, claims Heresy Financial. This comes as a result of the United States government’s intention to embark on a $1 trillion borrowing spree. This might cause the banking sector to lose so much liquidity that rates spiral out of control and are no longer in the control by the federal reserve. I’m sorry to say that despite investing, I lack the mental capacity to evaluate each company’s performance and decide whether or not now is a good moment to acquire stocks. My reserve of $650K is being wiped out by inflation and the recession. Sincerely, I have no idea what to do.
Now this is a topic I know about, divesting ownership. What youre describing George is a hybrid system of a private trust structure and a PMA (private memebership association). Within these kinds of structures ownership is a liability and members use currency other than the dollar to denote interest in the wealth. Read the books The Art of Passing the Buck and it will make sense. This is how dynasties are structured. Thanks George and rebel crew
The moment the fed bailed out banks everything changed. I was really hopeful of my investments this year, but all my plans have been disoriented, I’ve been studying the market crashes and I realized some investors made millions from the recent 2008 recession and I was wondering if such success rate could be achieved in this present market. Any recommendations?
This is an excellent investigative piece George. Very logical, makes sense of a lot of little irregularities. They may be foolish and sociopathic, but they aren’t dummies over at the fed.
The FED and banks need audited.
Incredible work George. Thank you!
Just like 2008 when JP Morgan bought the good assets from Bear Sterns & the FED guarunteed the toxic assets. Any of this sound familiar?
i adore your insight on this one George, it might be speculative but it definitely does add up all of the factors surrounding the thick veil covering the fed
So Much Corruption , It’s Disgusting !

Who Really Controls The Fed?


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even the mainstream media has been

talking about Central Bank digital

currencies I told you it was coming I

said they’d go for Central Bank digital

currencies the United States Federal

Reserve is considering the creation of a

digital dollar and we all know how a

cbdc could turn our lives into orwellian

nightmares but I’ve got a shocking

Revelation for you I don’t think the FED

will issue the cbdc I think it may be JP

Morgan and I’m going to reveal this to

you in three simple fast Steps step

number one let’s go over who actually


the Federal Reserve so the Federal

Reserve System is a network of 12 banks

in different regions throughout the

United States obviously the New York fed

is the main Hub that’s the main Central

Bank and each one of these reserve banks

are individually operated and they’re

individually owned by the member banks

within the region so let’s just take the

New York fed for an example let’s say

the only three banks in the region right

now were JP Morgan Citibank and Goldman

Sachs so the New York fed would issue

shares stocks to these Banks based on

their size now these aren’t exact

numbers but just to give you an idea of

the concept so let’s just assume for a

moment out of these three JP Morgan is

the biggest so they would have 50

percent of the outstanding shares

Citibank 30 percent and Goldman Sachs 20

to understand this even better editor

let’s go right to the internet

so we go straight to the federal

reserve’s website and you notice right

off the bat in their FAQs here they’ve

got a question who owns the Federal

Reserve and they come right out in the

first sentence and they say the Federal

Reserve System is not owned by anyone

you tinfoil Hatter conspiracy theorist

but then in the exact same blog post

they go on to say for instance each of

the 12 Reserve Banks operates within its

own particular geographic area or

District of the United States

and each is separately Incorporated

Incorporated weird

last time I checked if you were

Incorporated you would have an owner but

let’s keep going and has its own board

of directors commercial banks that are

members of the Federal Reserve System

hold stock

in their District Reserve Bank

okay so if they hold the stock last time

I checked the shareholders were the

owner of the corporation

they go on to say however owning Reserve

Bank stock is quite different from

owning stock in a private company so

don’t get them confused you tin foil

Hatter the reserve banks are not

operated for profit and ownership of

certain amount of stock is by law a

condition of membership in the system

so let me get this straight what they’re

saying is these shares that the banks

own they don’t really mean anything they

don’t do anything they’re just

completely irrelevant

but you have to own them to be a member

well they don’t mean anything then why

do you have to own them

and I know right about now your friend

and family member Fred is gonna say oh

George you don’t even know what you’re

talking about look right here in their

blog post they specifically say that

they are not operated for profit

I mean they give all the money to the

U.S treasury

I mean except for paying for necessary

expenses which they don’t Define and

they do pay a dividend

and they have to maintain a limited

limited balance and a surplus fund

okay well let’s think that one through

first of all this is just like any other

business where the owner runs as many

expenses that they can they run their

private jet their yacht their their

mansion through the business and say oh

it didn’t make any profit IRS well it’s

a it’s a non-for-profit yeah but it just

very conveniently happens to pay you

about five million dollars a year

they’re also legally required to pay

their member banks a dividend

okay when’s the last time you went to

the gym and instead of you having to pay

them dues they paid you a dividend that

never happens why because you don’t own

the gym that’s why it’s so blatantly

obvious that these member banks own the

Federal Reserve regardless of what they

say and it gets even better look at this

last line and maintaining a limited

balance and a surplus fund

okay right so why does the Federal

Reserve need a surplus fund they print

money they create money they create Bank

Reserves they can have negative equity

why on Earth do they need a surplus fund

if not a slush fund for the member banks

that don’t own the Federal Reserve and

magically mysteriously have to own

shares that pay them dividends

so the bottom line here is this is a

complete ruse they’re just trying to

pull the wool over your eyes and they’ve

been successful at doing it for over 100

years but the banksters themselves are

calling the shots and even if you want

to argue that oh No George the Federal

Reserve is controlled by the government

okay fine well who controls the

politicians that would be the banksters

more specifically Jamie Diamond that

runs JP Morgan

so regardless of how much pretzel Logic

the mainstream media the Federal Reserve

and the politicians want to use whomever

owns the most shares

owns the Fed

and the biggest bank is the one that

owns the most shares and who do you

think that would be you guessed it JP

Morgan and is it any surprise when you

go back a couple weeks and look at the

sweetheart deal they got with First

Republic we’re gonna go over that in

just a moment this deal could only be

done by someone who controlled not just

the politicians but most likely

controlled the central bank and the


now let’s take it one step further let’s

assume for a moment that Goldman Sachs

and City go bust

or JP Morgan just acquires them by

borrowing money from the taxpayer that

would mean that all of their assets go

to JP Morgan

but their assets also include the shares

they own

of the Central Bank more on that in just

a moment now I know right about now a

lot of you that are really paying

attention are watching this video and

saying okay George I get it the

banksters own the FED nothing new there

but the FED right now is losing money

so why are the banksters like Jamie

dimon allowing that to happen if they

own the Fed

maybe it is true that the FED is

completely independent

well let’s go ahead and walk through

that first of all we got the balance

sheet for the New York fed right here

assets on the left liabilities on the

right let’s just assume for a moment

they are making two percent on their

assets and they’re paying five percent

on their liabilities

this would be the example that you were

referring to where the FED is actually

losing money okay well why are they

losing money because they’re paying more

on their liabilities well what are their

liabilities the Bank Reserves for

JP Morgan

so if the FED is losing money that means

that JP Morgan is making more money

through interest on reserves and If the

Fed is making more on the asset side

then the liability side of their balance

sheet that means that JP Morgan is

making more money on the profit from the

Federal Reserve so regardless of where

the FED makes money or loses money JP

Morgan comes out smelling like roses

heads I win tails you lose

step number two now let’s go over the

dirty little secrets behind this first

Republic deal and what it reveals about

JP Morgan

if you listen to the mainstream media

you’ll hear that this was an aggressive

bidding war between all these banks for

the assets of First Republic and JP

Morgan just barely won because they were

the ones that were able to sacrifice the

most and they were the ones that were

willing to take the most amount of risk

the reason JP Morgan at emerged is the

biggest bidder here and the most

successful is because as we know it that

the cost of the deposit Insurance Fund

for the FDIC was the least under a JP

Morgan acquisition so if you listen to

the mainstream media it sounds like we

should be thanking Jamie Diamond for

being such a public servant

okay well let’s go ahead and scratch

beneath the surface and go over some of

the details of the actual deal first and

foremost the FDIC

guarantees most of the losses

so let’s just assume that JB Morgan

absorbs First Republic which they did

well they take all their assets they

take all their liabilities so let’s

assume that those assets aren’t the

greatest such as some toxic sludge AKA

commercial real estate well what the

FDIC is saying is oh well uh Jamie yet

don’t worry about that we’ll go ahead

and we’ll absorb those losses for you so

the only thing you have to worry about

is how much profit you’re going to make

from the deal and this is according to

an article from CNBC but they go on to


that it’s not just the FDIC taking the

losses they’re also lending JP Morgan

50 billion dollars to do the deal

oh but wait there is more the estimate

to what JP Morgan will make per year

from this transaction is

500 million dollars and that doesn’t

include what they’ve already made from

the deal which would be

2.6 billion

so mainstream media you’re going to tell

me that that was the best deal the FDIC

could get that was the deal that cost

them the least and you’re also going to

sit here and tell me that no other Banks

were willing to step up to the plate and

say okay

well we’ll take a little bit of a

haircut and we don’t need to make 500

million a year we’ll go ahead and make

450 million and that no other Banks were

willing to step up and do this deal to

take a one-time gain of 2.5 billion

instead of 2.6 billion come on who are

you trying to kid this is absolutely

ridiculous this is a scam and they’re

just trying to pull the wool over your

eyes I mean for heaven’s sakes even the

average Joe

right here is laughing at how ridiculous

this whole ruse actually is in reality

what most likely happened is Jamie dimon

just got on the phone with Jerome Powell

and Janet Yellen and whatever Lackey was

over at the FDIC and said hey guys this

is how the deal is going to go down and

they just said yes sir absolutely sir no

problem sir we’ll make it happen you’ll

have the deal on your death along with

that 2.6 billion dollars by Monday


let me give you a quick Visual and show

you how this works so we’ve got Bank a b

and c their customers are obviously

pretty pissed why are they pissed off

because they know the banks are ripping

them off they’re nickel and diming them

to death so the banks take those fees

right out of their customers pockets and

they give them to the FDIC and what does

the FDIC do with the money that the

banks took from their customers

well they give that straight

to JP Morgan

so how can they get away with this well

it’s actually pretty easy when you

actually own the central bank and all of

the politicians it’s a great business

model isn’t it oh but wait there is more

let’s remember that we’ve got a global

monetary system that’s run by the Banks

themselves and you guys know from

watching my videos that this monetary

system broke in 2008 it’s never been

fixed and it’s getting progressively


so if we’ve got a broken monetary system

that’s let’s say running on four

cylinders instead of eight cylinders and

in the future that’s going to go down to

running on three cylinders two cylinders

one cylinder before it completely


it’s easy to see how in that type of

environment how Banks would continue to

go bust we saw what happened in 2008 now

in 2023 the banking failures even when

you adjust for inflation have exceeded

the great financial crisis and we’re

only in May we’ve still got another

seven months of potential bank failures

within this year but my point is if this

system is broken we should expect that

it’s going to get far worse before it

gets better that means banks are going

to continue to go bust and if they

continue to go bust what we’ve seen in

2023 is most of them

we’ll go over to JPMorgan they will take

all of their shares So Jamie Diamond’s

ownership and the Federal Reserve will

increase as well it’s basically like a

Highlander movie where you’ve got to

kill all the other people and you’re the

only one left standing except for this

time it’s a banking version of

Highlander step number three so how do

we go from worrying about fed coin to

now having to worry about J coin in

other words JP Morgan being the issuer

of the Central Bank digital currency

we’re all worried about we’re going to

go over that but before we do I want to

ask you a quick question

when was The World’s First Central Bank

digital currency set up when was it


was it five years ago

was it a year ago

10 years ago

wrong try 100

years ago over a hundred years ago in


we’re going to go over that Central Bank

digital currency in just a moment let’s

get right back to the Whiteboard so

after JPM and Jamie Diamond take out all

the other Banks and win the banking

version of Highlander

then they will own all of the shares of

the Federal Reserve System and if they

own all of the shares then that means

that they are 100

owner so what you have is this merger or

the central bank and the Commercial Bank

the only one left standing are basically

the exact same thing

now let me be very clear I’m not saying

that this is going to happen in 2023 I

think we’re going to take a big step in

that direction but if we look out 10 or

15 years is this idea that crazy I don’t

think so especially when you consider

the fragility of today’s Global monetary

system all right so let’s go ahead and

think this through if JP Morgan is the

last man standing then they would have

all of the deposits all the individuals

the entities in the U.S economy would be

on their balance sheet that would be a

liability on their balance sheet Even If

the Fed had the liabilities of JP

Morgan’s Bank Reserves remember they’ve

basically merged into one giant mega

bank and if or maybe when that happens

we will have a central bank digital


now I know a lot of you write about now

are saying whoa whoa time out George you

Musta skipped a lot of steps to this

video how do you go from JP Morgan being

the only Bank to a central bank digital

currency that doesn’t make any sense at

all they’re probably still using the

dollar they don’t have some completely

different currency

ah but you’re missing my point

let me explain further editor let’s go

right to the internet where we’ll see

the First Central Bank digital currency

was set up in 1922. we’re going to start

by going to Wikipedia and check out the

Russian Central Bank used to be called

gauze Bank

so the State Bank of the old USSR was

the Central Bank of the Soviet Union and

the only Bank

in the entire country from 1922 to

1991. so basically they had the exact

same system in communist Russia that I

was describing back in the Whiteboard

assuming that JP Morgan wins the banking

version of Highlander but check this out

the Soviet state used gauze Bank

primarily as a tool to impose

centralized control upon industry in


using Bank balances and transaction

histories to monitor the activity of

individual concerns and their compliance

with five-year plans and directives of

the government

sounds exactly like a central bank

digital currency doesn’t it but let’s

keep going

gauze bank did not act as a Commercial

Bank in regard to profit motive it acted

theoretically as an instrument of

government policy

instead of independently and impartially

assessing the credit worthiness of a

borrower gauze bank would provide loan

funds to favored individuals


and industries as directed by the

central government

so pretty much all your concerns about a

cbdc we saw come to fruition in

1922. well how was this done did they

have the type of Technology back then

that we have today no absolutely not the

reason they were able to achieve this

orwellian nightmare is because all the


we’re on one Ledger

so hopefully by now you guys can see the

main point I’m trying to make in this

video none of us want a cbdc none of us

want that orwellian nightmare the

government micromanaging every single

part of your life but what we have to

focus on when we’re pushing back against

the central planners and the

authoritarians isn’t necessarily

something called a cbdc

it’s simply moving all the deposits onto

one Ledger that is what we have to avoid

at all costs

so why is this distinction so important

why is it absolutely crucial for us

prevailing and actually winning in this

fight for Freedom Liberty and our

privacy because I think the central

planners the Klaus Schwab types the IMF

the politicians the U.N the EU Etc

they’re not stupid and they understand

that this term has negative connotations

got very bad PR so if they want to

achieve their orwellian dream which is

our orwellian nightmare they’re not

going to come right out and say hey

we’re implementing this thing called fed

coin or even J coin what they’re going

to do is they’re going to say hey

for your safety for your security we

need to move all of these deposits onto

one Ledger and all those people that are

hyper focused on a cbdc are going to sit

there and say oh yeah okay Jerome pal

okay Jamie Diamond you do whatever you

have to do yeah you need to secure my

deposit so I don’t take a haircut yeah

yeah that’s fine but whatever you do

don’t do that cbdc and they sit back and

say oh no no no we would no we would

never dream of doing that

and then that same average Joe

wakes up six months later and all of a

sudden they’ve got a social score and

all of a sudden even though they have a

750 credit score they can’t get a

mortgage but that other person that has

a 500 credit score can

there’s an old saying the greatest trick

the devil ever pulled was convincing the

world he didn’t exist

well now I think we could say the

greatest trick the central planners and

authoritarians have ever pulled whether

it’s intentional or not is convincing

the world a cbdc does exist

it’s not the Central Bank digital

currency we should be worried about it’s

the Central Bank digital Ledger system

for more content it’ll help you build

wealth and thrive in a world of out of

control central banks and big

governments check out this playlist

right here and I’ll see you on the next



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