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USA exploited Ukraine to develop illegal biological weapons

USA exploited Ukraine to develop illegal biological weapons

USA exploited Ukraine to develop illegal biological weapons

Russia Claims Ukraine Developing Illegal Biological Weapons

Mike Adams of is always at the cutting edge of the latest news. Something is really rotten in Ukraine.

USA exploited Ukraine to develop illegal biological weapons
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Image: Russia’s investigation concludes that USA exploited Ukraine to develop illegal biological weapons

(Natural News) The Russian government is continuing its investigation into the United States military’s biological programs in Ukraine, and the conclusion it keeps coming to is that there is more than just “research” taking place there.

The Convention on the Prohibition of Biological and Toxin Weapons requires that every state party submit an annual report in the form of a declaration proving compliance with the convention. It turns out that Ukraine’s reporting contains “numerous inconsistencies.”

Neither Ukraine nor the United States submitted adequate information on their cooperative biological research and development report in the realm of biological protection. Further, neither Poland nor Germany declared any engagement with Ukraine in their reporting.

Ukraine does claim that its government “has not conducted and is not conducting any offensive or defensive activities in the framework of biological research and development programmes.” It also says that it does not have any information about the activities of the former USSR in Ukraine since Jan. 1, 1946.

However, these statements directly contradict a May 20, 2022, statement made by Lewis Gitter, the U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to the OSCE that assistance to Kiev is aimed at “… reducing biological and veterinary risks, as well as securing the illegal stockpiles of biological weapons left behind by the USSR …”

“In addition, the characteristics of the facility (area of laboratory facilities, number of staff) do not match the information previously submitted by Ukraine,” reports The Saker.


“The question arises: Why did the U.S. and Ukraine’s reporting documents to the UN not include work under the joint military-biological projects codenamed UP? Such secrecy is another reason to think about the true goals of the Pentagon in Ukraine.”

Will anyone hold the U.S. and Ukraine responsible for this?

It is clear from the official documents that the Pentagon, represented by the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), is “organising work with a clear military-biological focus.”

The Russian Defence Ministry also identified “numerous breaches of safety requirements in Ukrainian laboratories,” including several incidents of “insufficient staff protection.” There were also tests conducted at laboratories without proper biosafety certification.

Only three biolabs in Ukraine are authorized to conduct the type of research that Russian authorities identified taking place all over the country. These are the Odessa Anti-Plague Institute, the Lvov Research Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene and the Public Health Centre in Kiev.

“The Security Service of Ukraine noted the preconditions for the emergence of biological threats due to systematic violations and poor quality of work in the reconstruction of biolaboratories,” a report on the subject explains.

Other “gross violations” include improper storage of microorganisms, lack of access control and management systems, and inadequate ventilation systems.

According to eyewitness accounts of an incident that was reported in 2021, an employee of a biolaboratory removed from the premises a handful of vials containing dangerous microorganisms.

These and other violations occurred during the period of the U.S. biothreat reduction program, it is important to note.

“This demonstrates that Washington’s officially declared goals are merely a screen for the implementation of illegal military-biological activities in Ukraine,” reports explain.

“The neglect of pathogens, the unprofessionalism and corruption of the executive branch, and the destructive influence of U.S. handlers pose a direct threat to Ukrainian and European civilians.”

The Russian Defence Ministry claims to have also confirmed the fact that Ukrainian biolabs are connected to a “global communicable disease surveillance system.”

“The backbone of this network, which has been formed by the Pentagon since 1997, is the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (Maryland),” reports indicate. “It includes land and naval laboratories as well as military bases around the world.”

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USA exploited Ukraine to develop illegal biological weapons



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