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Ukrainian Citizens Being Bombed By Their Own Government

Ukrainian Citizens Being Bombed By Their Own Government

Ukrainian Citizens Being Bombed By Their Own Government

Ukraine War Is Money Laundering Op For US Deepstate $$$

Most people don’t know the history of the Ukraine/Russian war. They don’t know about the 2014 coup, US sponsored, funded, and aided by CIA, that installed a Nazi AZOV government for use as a criminal money laundering operation by the US Deepstate, and bunch of US politically connected families (Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, et al) 

Ukraine | The Political Class | And The Money Laundering Operation
Ukraine | The Political Class | And The Money Laundering Operation


Ukrainian Citizens Being Bombed By Their Own Government Terrified To Speak Out

by Kelen McBreen


The Zelensky regime is using scare tactics to keep citizens silent


Ukrainians speaking against the government are being thrown into prison and labeled ‘traitors’


Image Credit:

patrick lancaster youtube screenshot

The latest reports published by independent journalist Patrick Lancaster highlight the tragic position hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens are in as they fear telling the truth about the bloody conflict taking place in their nation.

Lancaster, an American military veteran-turned war journalist, captured footage showing several citizens who are victims of Ukrainian shelling, yet fear telling the camera the bombs are being lobbed by the Ukrainian military.

As Infowars has documented since the war started in late February, Ukrainian citizens in the Donbas region have been victims of genocide by Ukrainian forces.

Despite this fact, any Ukrainian citizen who criticizes Zelensky’s regime or the nation’s military efforts faces being arrested and thrown in jail for life under the president’s Martial Law decree.

In a report published Monday, Lancaster filmed a home in the Kherson region of Ukraine that was hit by a Ukrainian missile.

Several locals confirmed the shells came from Ukraine-controlled territory, and one woman was actually afraid to acknowledge it was Zelensky’s army bombing her village.

Asked if the missiles were being launched from Mykolaiv, the woman begged, “Guys, do not provoke me to say this answer. You are not blind, you see it yourself. Don’t provoke me to say it aloud.”

In a 45-minute long report marking three months of the Ukraine-Russia war, Lancaster traveled through territories under the control of Russian forces.

Chatting with a group of young ladies waiting in line for cell phone sim cards, Lancaster asked how things were under Ukrainian control compared with how things are under Russian control.

Interjecting herself into the conversation, an older woman standing with the girls told Lancaster, “It is dangerous to speak because they can imprison you we were told.”

After Lancaster asked the woman what she was afraid say, she explained citizens are concerned about the repercussions if they were to vocally support Ukraine or Russia because the situation is so uncertain.

After coaxing the woman for her personal opinion as to which military she prefers to occupy her region, she admitted, “Russia.”

Asked why she was afraid to say that, the woman answered, “Because someone would be scaring us with imprisonment.”

Upon hearing the woman’s admission, the three young ladies standing nearby said they agreed and that not all Ukrainian youth are anti-Russia.

The authoritarian Zelensky regime has outlawed all opposition political parties, is engaged in massive propaganda efforts funded by the U.S. and has Ukrainian citizens living in fear about freely expressing their opinions.

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Ukrainian Citizens Being Bombed By Their Own Government



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