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Ukraine The Real Story Oliver Stone Documentary

Ukrainian Citizens Being Bombed By Their Own Government

Ukraine The Real Story Oliver Stone Documentary

Complete History And All The Conspiracy With US Shadow Government Behind The Scene

You won’t find this in the Main Stream Media. Oliver Stone does a spectacular job in making this documentary. 

You will get a look at the dirty dealings in the background by the US State Dept, and for sure the CIA is in there also.

It also covers the history of the many “Color Revolutions” and foreign government overthrows pulled off by the US Shadow Government.

Weapons Sent To Ukraine Being Smuggled To Criminal Gangs
Ukraine | The Political Class | And The Money Laundering Operation


First published at 13:12 UTC on November 18th, 2019.


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The Punisher

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Ukraine, the ‘borderlands’ between Russia and ‘civilized’ Europe is on fire. For centuries, it has been at the center of a tug-of-war between powers seeking to control its rich lands and Russia’s access to the Mediterranean.…


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    All of this proves the advice of our founding fathers to keep out of all foreign entanglements!! Events in Ukraine are not America’s affair!! Nor are other events world wide. This nation needs to mostly lock the doors, close the windows, conduct trade with nations only to obtain what cannot be made or grown here!!! Develop ourselves [show more]



    Excellent. Thanks for uploading this in 2019. I’m sure it will help awaken more to the current events.



    It is interesting that the guy is putting this on one group “The NEO conservatives” however, I argue the UniParty ie the Establishment are the ones! Obama is a former CIA agent and is a plant by the Saudis! Obama is not the head of the snake but he is a major reason we are in the mess we are in! Time to take our country back!



    As suspected. It’s literally the OPPOSITE of all shit MSM has sold for the last 15 years. Incredible. Victoria Nuland & neocons… what a pieces of garbage.



    All of the shit going down now is all propaganda. Sounds like this is the deep state attempt to go after Russia. Russia must have some serious evidence against them regarding their involvement in staging all of the “deadly” protests such as Jan 6th. It’s scary how familiar everything is.



    Helps explain the inevitable Soros/US Gov involvement that has been going on for so long.



    Not replacing CIA, they put CIA in control of media. CIA are who hand the major networks their scripts. I think this plays a big part of the prophecy that says “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” 2 Thessalonians 2:11 For lies of great magnitude are increasing by the day.


    Enki’s Advocate

    Never mentioned is the starvation and boming in Germany at the end of the war, nor the firebombing of civilians in Dresden. WW2 needs to be fully re-investigated and all sides represented, not just the Holocaust Industry’s version.



      They always forget the part that a lot of the people who died and survived the holocaust were christians. They are trying to finish us off now.



    Thank you for this video! What a great insight into the Ukrainian-Russian relationship that led to the current events in 2022.

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Ukraine The Real Story Oliver Stone Documentary



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