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Tucker Carlson Says Inflation Much Worse

Great Reset And Climate Change Agenda

Tucker Carlson Says Inflation Much Worse

The Feds Use Accounting Tricks

We believe this is all part of the Great Reset agenda to destroy the USA financially

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Tucker Carlson: Inflation ‘Much Worse’ Than What ‘Economically Illiterate Leaders’ Are Saying

“Short of armed robbery, nothing makes Americans poorer faster than inflation does,” he says.


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Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed the Biden administration is lying about the true rate of inflation in America using the “rigged” Consumer Price Index (CPI).

“Short of armed robbery. Nothing makes Americans poorer faster than inflation does,” the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said during his Friday monologue. “Now, finance moguls who borrow money for a living love inflation. It makes their debt cheaper. It’s a good thing for them, but everyone else hates it because it crushes them in ways that are very obvious day to day.”

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Tucker then called the CPI a “useless as a guide to life in America, it doesn’t actually measure the cost of living.”

“In that way, it is a lie. It’s a rigged government number, one of many,” Carlson said. “Now, the CPI is calculated by assigning relative weight to different categories of goods. It’s a very complex series of formulas. Some of them were formulated in good faith. Others were designed to deceive you. But in effect, the bottom line is, the CPI does a very bad job of measuring how much it actually costs to live in this country.”

Because the CPI fails to include the price of rent or the cost of gas, it provides politicians cover when they pass laws that economically hurt Americans.

“The CPI allows reckless, economically illiterate leaders to hide the mess they have made,” Carlson said. “It’s a conflict of interest, if there ever was one, it’s like putting Bernie Madoff in charge of the audit committee. What do you think’s going to happen if you do that? Fake numbers allow fake economists to tell a fake story about what’s actually happening to the country. And they’ve definitely been doing that.”

The best way to measures inflation, Carlson says, is to compare how much it costs to live in the U.S now compared to last year.

“In fact, there’s only one accurate way to measure inflation, and somehow the Fed has not yet figured this out,” Carlson said. “Here it is: You ask yourself, what does it cost you to live in this country compared to what it cost you a year ago? It’s not complicated. Do the math, and you will see that the actual number, the rise in inflation is not even close to the seven percent that Washington is claiming.”


But you won’t hear about the economic reality of inflation and rising energy prices because the media is in bed with the Biden administration.

“So these are major changes to the U.S. economy, and they’re very ominous for financial journalists, there is no bigger story right now than this what we just said. And yet amazingly, these shameless hacks are studiously ignoring it,” Carlson noted.

Biden’s approval hit an all-time low of 41% this week amid reports inflation in the U.S. hit a 40-year high.

Tucker Carlson Says Inflation Much Worse

Tucker Carlson Says Inflation Much Worse


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