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Prepare To Bug Out Fast When SHTF

Mike Adams Says Engineered Takedown Will Cause Plunge Into Dark Ages

Prepare To Bug Out Fast When SHTF

how ready are you to evacuate?

When SHTF you may not have much time to prepare. Why not get started preparing now to BE READY

Dan F. Sullivan has put together a comprehensive plan to help you BE READY

Mike Adams Says Engineered Takedown Will Cause Plunge Into Dark Ages

My Patriot Supply

Real quick: on a scale on 1 to 10, how ready are you to evacuate? If your house were to be swept away by a flood RIGHT NOW, how long until you and your family will get to safety? If Martial Law were declared, would you be able to flee to your bug out retreat?

I don’t care if you have a 5-year stockpile, 1,000 gallons of water or enough guns for a small army… You cannot fight floods and hurricanes with bullets, and even the strongest house can be destroyed in a heartbeat.

If you gave yourself a 4 or a 5, or if you yawned and said “Oh, I’m just going to bug in when SHTF”, then you need to watch this WARNING VIDEO right now…


Because in the next 6 minutes, I’m going to completely shatter the 3 biggest myths about bugging out, just to prove to you that many of the things you read are GARBAGE… and how applying the wrong information can kill you.

I also want to show you how to prepare for an evacuation in one afternoon, whether you live alone or with a large family, whether you’re on a farm or in a big city, even if you’re old, crippled with arthritis, and even if you’re in a wheelchair.

Prepare To Bug Out Fast When SHTF

And you can do this without a bug out vehicle or a bug out location…

How? With a solid bug out plan and by revealing stealth escape and evasion tactics used by the military to survive ambushes and completing field missions that last for months on end…

These techniques are so easy to apply that even a Cub Scout can do it…

My name is Dan F. Sullivan, editor-in-chief of, and if you know my website, my forum and my YouTube channel, then you know I’m “religious” about warning people of holes in their survival plans…

I have my BS detector way up when it comes to survival advice and today I want to talk to you about the topic of bugging out.

When SHTF, you’ve only got 2 options: you either bug in or bug out. Pick the wrong one, and all those months and years you spent prepping and building a stockpile could be gone in a heartbeat.

Yes, hunkering down is more likely, but it’s also easier to prep for. That’s why people do it. It’s comfortable. You buy gear, fortify your home, start a stockpile… It’s “fun”, right?

Well, the fun stops when disaster strikes and you realize you have to GO. Survival is never easy, it’s supposed to be hard… and many don’t think about the nasty side of it: injury and even death are likely, particularly if you’ve never survived critical situations.

Then there are wild animals, rain, cold, limited food and water PLUS the fact that you always have to be on the move…

All of these problems need to be handled, which means you need to put some thought into your evacuation plan. A bug out bag just won’t cut it, you need brains, you need skills, and you need to know the military survival tactics that are proven to work in the real world.

Only then will you confidently smile, knowing you can take your family to safety no matter what happens…

Only then you’ll know you’ll survive even if you don’t have a place to go to…

Only then will you sleep better at night, knowing everything’s taken care of.


They’re just a tiny piece of the puzzle and they can’t help you stay safe unless you know how to use what’s inside.

There are critical aspects when it comes to survival and you need to tackle each and every one, including evacuation plans and the list of dangers I just gave you (there are many more, by the way…

But before we get into that, I want to reveal the biggest myths about bugging out. Because they’re so awful and so widespread, I cringe every time I hear them.

Myth #1: they say you should only bug out if you have a place to go to.Wrong… How about a limo and a chauffeur to take you there?

Joking aside, you can and will bug out when the time comes even if you don’t have a bug out location or a bug out vehicle, because any place is safer than a compromised home..

You don’t really need one, because you can sleep inside your car, you can make shelter or pay for a motel like some people do when they flee hurricanes.

Myth #2 about bug out locations is that they need to be the fortified and filled to the brim with supplies. Sure, that would be nice, but any location that can keep you safe, even for a few hours, is, in fact, a bug out location: a friend’s house, an abandoned building, even a piece of land away from the main road.

This is why you should have not one, but as many BOLs as possible. Even if you don’t have any supplies there, it’s good to know you have a place to park your car until you figure out what to do next.

Last but not least…

Myth #3: says that bugging out is only for those who are young and in good health.

This is total B.S… You’re supposed to “survive” remember? You want to LIVE, that’s the only reason you’re preparing.

I don’t care how old you are, whether or not you can drive… You should always be prepared to evacuate. Survival isn’t a hobby, it’s primal instinct, who doesn’t want to live?

When the unthinkable happens, are you quietly going to pour yourself some coffee, sit in your favorite armchair and wait to die? Of course not!

You’ll run for your life, help your kid, contact your mother, figure out which roads are blocked and on and on and on. There are lots of things to take care of.

So, are you ready to hear my plan?

If you do this right, then it doesn’t matter which disaster will hit, you’ll always be ready. Every action plan has a high-level overview, then goes down in detail to nail every aspect, and that’s exactly what I want to do in what follows.

And show you how easy it is to bug out…

Bug out vehicle? Check. Load it up with supplies and it could shelter you for months.

Bug out routes? Not a problem. Just get to know your town’s streets a little, mark all the exit routes on your map and see them in person.

Bug out bags? Everyone and their mother knows how to cram stuff into a bag, but there’s a right way to do it. You need quality items, intelligently grouped together in modules, quick access to critical ones, and to water-proof, shock-proof and puncture-proof many of them.

These are just the basics and very easy to do. But there’s more…

Evacuate too soon or too late, and you may never get out in one piece.

Neglect security and communications and you could end up on the side of the road somewhere, knocked unconscious, with all your supplies stolen.

To cover every scenario, you need to be prepared to bug out not just for a few days, but weeks, months or even forever. Expect to never come home, expect to live for months on end in the wilderness until you find a more permanent place to stay. THAT to me is being prepared to bug out…

When you’re capable of making shelter out of what you can find, when you can hunt or fish when the food in your backpack is gone….

When you can meet your basic needs for an undetermined amount of time… this may seem advanced, but it’s actually very easy…

I noticed there is no course out there that goes into much depth about evacuations and planning, so I decided to do it. Not alone, though. I had help from my experts who are better preppers than me. I wanted to make the best crash course on bugging out anyone ever made… something that everyone, from beginner to advanced would swear by it…

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

…and I did it. We worked our rear ends off to give with the best of the best survival information you will ever read, condensed into a single e-course titled How to Bug Out Forever, that will show you how to prep to evacuate in minute detail.


We’ll get you ready to survive for weeks, months or even years away from home and save you a ton of money by not letting you buy the wrong equipment. Let me prove it to you by giving you a taste of what’s inside…

● How to set up stellar bug out bags, everyday carry kits and get home bags. I’m using a special technique that organizes everything into easy-to-access modules. Food, water, shelter, fire, hygiene, clothes, flashlights – nothing is left out, and the best part is, every item can also be used for “bug in” scenarios… (So this is NOT a waste of money…)

● How to make a bugging out plan that actually works. I don’t care if you’re prepping alone, if you’re a single mom, or if you have a large family, you need a plan…

● We’re taking things one giant leap further and tell you how to set up an INCH (I’m Never Coming Home) Bag that will allow you to live in the wilderness forever. You’ll be the best prepper in town, PERIOD.

● How to use stealth military escape and evasion tactics for when you’re on the go, including decoys to trick your enemy, deplete his resources and distract him long enough for you to bug out. Everything has been made prepper-friendly.

How to avoid roadblocks and the hoards of people when SHTF. We made a full list of things that can go wrong in an evacuation and gave common sense advice to each.

● Do you know the exact moment you should evacuate? Do it just minutes to soon or too late, and your journey is over before it begins. We’ll show you how to read the warning signs so you can make this decision in a split second.

The top 5 best concealed carry guns. You need something that fits inside your BOB, is easy to carry and uses ammo that is common.

● How to prepare your car for an evacuation. Whether you want to buy a new one or if you have to do with your current one, I’ll show you not just what to fill it with supplies, but how to make it unstoppable, even in front of bullets.

● A step-by-step walkthrough of what to do when it hits. Plus, the 3 things you should NEVER do in a bug out.

● How to find land for your bug out location: cheap, full of natural resources that will allow you to live without outside help. Plus, how to protect it from looters when you’re not there.

● Last but not least, we’re going to tell you which foods to put in your bug out bag that are lightweight and have a long shelf life. Forget canned food, it’s too heavy. Forget MREs, they’re not fit for human consumption, are high in sodium and cause constipation. My recommendations are healthy, nutritious and cheap.

Really, this is just a taste of what you’re going to get in this fluff-free e-course. You now have everything you could ever need to bug out, just click the button below to order it and start reading it within minutes.

Now, since I wanted to make this more than just an eBook, I also decided to include these bonuses that are 100% free if you order today…

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

Bonus #1 is called How to Prep Under the Radar.

Everything must be done in absolute secrecy. None of your neighbors can ever know what you’re up to (unless they’re preppers too), so I’m going to give you a list of things you can do to that won’t raise any eyebrows.

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

Bonus #2 is titled Dan’s Top Recommendations and will tell you exactly what some of the best products that you can find online.

No fancy talk, no B.S. I’ll just give you lists of items that either me or others preppers are stockpiling.

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

Bonus #3 simply titled SHTF Water.

Water is going to be the biggest bugging out problem, because there’s only so much you can take with you. Water is too heavy and will slow you down considerably… But since the human body can only survive for about 3 days without it, this crucial bonus will teach you two things:

#1, how to find water in any scenario, whether you’re stuck inside a city or the woods..

#2, how to purify that water into the crystal-clear, delicious liquid of life that will not only quench your thirst, but will also give you back your energy to continue to bug out.

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

Bonus #4 is called Simple Self-Defense, and was written by Heath Brower, an ex-combatives instructor in the U.S. Army, and a martial arts expert in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga and Aikido who’s been doing this since he was 7 years old.

He’ll teach you everything you need to defend yourself in an emergency: situational awareness, attack prevention, basic self-defense moves you can practice in your living room and what body parts to hit to cause the most damage.

He’ll also give you a kick-ass list of everyday items that double as “part-time” survival weapons. This ebook is as close to joining a self-defense class as it gets.

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

Last but not least, my 5th bonus a list of survival checklists that will ensure you don’t miss anything while you’re prepping.

Having blind spots in your survival plans could mean losing your stockpile or your life, so don’t let that happen by printing and marking each item in these lists, one by one, as you purchase them.

The Bug Out Forever course and the 5 bonuses have literally anything you need to bug out. You’re in for a great and easy read, yet you’re probably wondering how much it costs. Putting a price on the efforts and the experience of me and my writers was not an easy task.

If I were to do the math , I would say the entire eBook and the bonuses, proofreading, design, video, marketing and monthly website costs… they’re a small fortune.

And though I feel the course is worth at least a couple hundred dollars, I can’t ask for over $100 for something that will read by thousands of people over the years… At the same time, I can’t put the same measly price tag that those booklets on Amazon have. So I decided to price it in a way that’s more than fair, below the $50 mark at a measly $39… but there’s a catch… and some good news.

The catch is that this website right here is the only place you can buy and download the course. You cannot find How to Bug Out Forever anywhere else and, if I decide to shut down the site, the course will go along with it.

The good news is, though, that you get an iron-clad 60-day “no questions asked” guarantee.

If, at any time within 2 months you feel that this isn’t for you, simply contact me via email and I’ll personally initiate a full refund. I feel this is more than a fair deal and, if I could, I’d shake your hand, because that’s all the guarantee I’d need from you that you’ll hold on to your end of the deal and put my advice into practice.





Prepare To Bug Out Fast When SHTF

Prepare To Bug Out Fast When SHTF


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