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Is Civil War Coming?

How To Survive SHTF And Civil Unrest

Is Civil War Coming?

Civil War Is Not Coming, Because One Is Already Here

Another fine article written by Bob from 

I think you will find that Bob’s articles say what many of us are thinking, but too afraid to say out loud.

By the way Public Notice: Grizzled Old Nam Vet Is Not Suicidal

civil war




Is Civil War Coming?
The answer is no, civil war is not coming, because one is already here, in the form of a communist revolutionary war by subversion that has been underway since the time of Lenin. You have to be blind not to see it.

And you have to be blind not to see the dedication of this enemy. Do not be blind in this way, because it’s like wearing a blindfold while dancing around in a pit full of deadly vipers. Do not underestimate the ruthlessness of this enemy either, or its complete lack of human decency. Do not put anything past it.

The war does not seem like a war because it’s mostly cold, but it is a very real war, and the consequences of America losing this war are no less severe than if a foreign dictator brought an army across our border and forced us to become his slaves.

What seems to be looming on the horizon is the cold war turning hot.

This is more likely than many people want to think about, given the militarization of federal bureaucracies and their huge stockpiling of ammunition, along with our borders being left wide open and masses of people streaming in whose loyalty is to their communist benefactors, not America.

And there are many other betrayals, all of them oriented toward the same purpose.

There are many things that might trigger the change from cold to hot, but any of them will have been done by the criminal gang that is in control of our government. And there are various forms the war might take. But no matter what the form is, the purpose will be to finish the transition of America from a free republic into a communist dictatorship.

No matter what form the hot war takes, the good people of America will learn a lesson too: they have been fools not to have gotten organized, a long time ago, because unorganized fighters are at a major disadvantage against an organized enemy. And because of this mistake, they will suffer many unnecessary deaths.

And worse, they very well could suffer defeat. And a look at the history of communism, with a hundred million people murdered and many times that number enslaved, makes very clear what will follow that defeat.

In war, cold or hot, who has the initiative has a huge advantage, and the American patriot has allowed the enemy to have this throughout the war. If this doesn’t change, the enemy will win.

The form this war might take is speculation, based on real events, from history and the present. But it is not speculation that very real traitors in control of our government and media are literally waging cold war on America, and they are preparing for that war turning hot. Everything they do is done in support of that war effort.

And based on the intensity of this war effort it is clear that on the day this enemy is convinced it can win a shooting war, on that very same day, the war it wages against America will turn hot.

If you are in any way known as a loyal American, or a Bible-believing Christian, or if you are just a white man who is not totally woke, a time will come when the government that attacks Trump now will use that same power against you.

Cowering in your basement and muzzling yourself will not stop this from happening.

And on that day, you will be asking yourself why you and other patriots didn’t get organized, when you still had a good chance of defeating this enemy.

Moral of the story: passivity in the face of aggression does not stop the aggression; it only gives victory to the aggressor, so given the nature of the enemy America faces, passivity is suicide.

Is Civil War Coming?



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