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How To Use Dark Web In 2022

How To Use Dark Web In 2022

How To Use Dark Web In 2022

How To Become A Ghost On The Internet

We are now living all the science fiction movies about Big Brother, Orwell’s 1984, and Brave New World. The NWO wants to control you.

Decentralized Social Media Platforms 2022

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How To Use Dark Web In 2022


How To Use Dark Web In 2022


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what do you know about the deep dark web

have you ever been

on the dark web do you know how to


the dark web

we’re going to talk about some things

you should know before you go on the

dark web right now and i’m also going to

break down exactly how

you can go on the dark web this is

really important what sites to go to

where to navigate and what to look for a

lot of people don’t understand and a lot

of people have done it wrong and

actually got themself on

a list or hear a knock from an fbi agent

at your door that’s not what you want so

we’re gonna break this down today in

operation dark web

first things first is the dark web

illegal no of course not it’s not

illegal in fact a huge percentage

of the internet is on the deep web okay

you can see this graphic right here you

got the regular web and the deep web a

lot of people actually about 90 of web

traffic can be traced back to only about

25 websites that’s insane there’s so

much internet out there to explore now

where do you go when you’re getting

started well

i recommend the hidden wiki

utilizing one of these dark web wikis is

a great place

to be able to figure out websites

now the origins of the internet were

isps okay boom you got an ip address

from your isp and there you go you can

put that in you can put in different ip

addresses and you can go to different

sites that doesn’t really register well

with a lot of people so we had domains

www worldwide web dot

cody is amazing.

yes so you can utilize something and get

on the internet well


we started having more and more dot i o dot a i

dot dot dot whatever okay

but then what happened is you look at

the dark web

which is dot

onion right here now you’ve probably

seen this with tor and other things so

how do you go about doing this well

here’s what i recommend you do whatever

you want to do and i do not recommend

any illegal or nefarious activity on the

dark web it’s not necessary there’s a

lot of good forms there’s a lot of good

people there’s a lot of good meetings

there’s a lot of cool stuff on the dark

web and if you decide to check it out

cool if not well you could just sit here

and listen to me talk about it and learn

a thing or two so let’s dive into the

dark web buckle up because we’re ready

to go

the first thing you need is

i would recommend a secure connection

because there’s a lot of trackers on the

dark web there’s a lot of people trying

to track you now again they’re looking

for illegal things in the various things

which you’re not going to do right

because you’re here on privacy eggs and

we don’t do that we go ghost we don’t go

illegal so

you take your machine whatever machine

you got

and i recommend that you utilize a

virtual machine so install a virtual

machine something like virtualbox it’s


then you’re going to want to utilize a

vpn i recommend movab great vpn you can

also get all of my recommendations right

here on the




website right here the privacy x project

website here’s all my cool

recommendations scrolling down

but movad is a great option okay so

you’ve got

a virtual box you’ve got movad you use

something like hoonix okay so install

hunix also free

you can buy movad with crypto so it’s

completely untraceable you get on tour

and you can go to the dark web a dot

onion website cool huh you’re on the

dark web now where do you go first i

recommend the hidden wiki okay i think

that’s a great place for a lot of you to

start and it’s going to break things

down now some of the stuff is going to

talk about drugs it’s going to talk

about hitmen don’t do that don’t go

there you don’t need any drugs

you don’t want any hitmen but other

stuff’s gonna be kind of cool it’s gonna

have different forums it’s gonna have uh

dark web social media sites it’s gonna

have places where you can buy and sell

crypto it’s going to have crypto

tumblers most famously some really good

bitcoin tumblers which has been a very

popular requested video and i’ve got a

tutorial coming out soon so make sure

you subscribe if you haven’t already

because putting out new content all the

time here on privacy acts you could also

check out privacy x project putting out

new stuff over there as well we recently

updated the tool section i also recently

added a couple more videos over there

about some um

well some exclusive stuff we’ll just say

that because a lot of stuff isn’t able

to be on the regular

social media it doesn’t matter what

social media they all censor you rumble

youtube odyssey it really doesn’t matter

at this point even honestly supposed to

be on the blockchain although things can

be taken off of it easy both manually

yourself and also the company can pull

things off so i think that’s a

misconception right now with a lot of

these social medias but here’s what it

is so you get on the dark web you do it

anonymously okay now is it going to

affect your machine well that’s why you

have a virtual box utilizing tor and

you’ve got a vpn anyway with the vpn

is an encrypted tunnel between you and

your isp your internet service provider

now i recommend having a vpn router so

your entire network is encrypted but if

you don’t do that that’s not a big deal

one thing is do not get on the dark web

on at like a coffee shop or a library

because you’re going to be on an

unsecured internet and here’s the thing

now you might be thinking well what if i

just get on the dark web

at uh at a coffee shop

no because if somebody like me

not that i would do this gets into your

end gets into your machine which is very

easy to do if you’re hooking up to a

public wi-fi i don’t recommend you ever

use public one i never would use public

wi-fi never


with the exception of maybe i had to i

had to get on wi-fi to to contact

somebody to save someone’s life

that might be the only exception other

than that i’m not using public wi-fi

ever and i would probably take that

computer or phone and throw it in the

garbage or

you know sell it on ebay after because

i’m not using public wi-fi that is not a

good idea ever under any circumstances

no matter what

do not do that ever

ever i talk about my ghost internet i

talk about how to utilize internet on

the go i talk about pairing i’ve done

tutorials on how to do

internet on the go i did one from a

hotel a few months ago

do not use public internet but

if somebody gets in your machine and

they do something in various activities

the fbi is coming to you because the

machine most likely is in your name

okay most likely the serial of that the

serial number of that machine is

tethered to your debit card or your

credit card most likely the mac address

tethered to you most likely the

machine’s home wi-fi is your wi-fi and

unless you have ghost internet like i

talk about which i know that most of you


then it’s going to take about 30 seconds

to figure out who it was now even though

you didn’t do anything nefarious you’re

guilty till proven innocent and you’ve

got to prove that you didn’t do whatever

that person did so don’t ever get on the

dark web

and really don’t ever use public wi-fi

use your own wi-fi that’s locked down

and secure

that’s why you can go check some stuff

out and then you’re good to go you’ll

never have any problems because you’re

doing things that are legal and you’re

checking things out there’s a lot of

really cool stuff on the dark web and

there’s a lot less censorship on the

dark web which is incredible there’s no

censorship actually

but you also got to make sure that

people aren’t doing some crazy stuff by

getting into your machine because it is

incredibly easy to get into someone’s

machine on a

on on that kind of internet

you don’t think so

let me show you

let me show you how easy it is to get on

your machine okay you may think oh i’ve


great internet here’s the thing

what i can do

is i can plug this raspberry pi

into a

wi-fi pineapple okay you ever seen this

wi-fi pineapple i got two or three of

them there’s a company called hack five

it’s where i buy all my pin testing

tools i can plug this into that wi-fi

pineapple then i can set up my own

fork of their internet what i can do is

you’ve got their internet i basically

it’s like i step in front of their

internet so instead of logging on to

their internet i can mask it and i can

take your machine to log on to my wi-fi


if i go sit at a starbucks right now

in vegas or in in dallas or in miami or

in los angeles i guarantee in one

calendar day i could probably hack two

three four hundred people easily

wouldn’t be trying i wouldn’t even have

to touch my machine i could set my

computer i can plug this in and and and

drink my coffee all day long

and people would just be giving me their

life okay that’s how that’s how easy it


so do not this is about twenty dollars

and then my wi-fi pineapple is about a

100 bucks now we use them for pin

testing i want to make that clear at

privacy x we do a lot of what’s called

good guy hacking we do pen testing and

work with a lot of clients to make sure

they have secure systems once we help

them build a ghost life you can check

out first link down below and check out

more about that but

do not get on public wi-fi

it’s i can take over your whole life

bank information social media everything

everything and that’s me i got people on

my team that are 20 times better than me

i got people on my team they could

literally hack in

well i can’t you know some serious stuff

there is some serious stuff okay so you

really need to be careful this is a

vital thing a lot of you don’t

understand a lot of you out there

willy-nilly on your phones and all this

crazy it’s not secure it’s not secure at

all so keep that in mind when you’re

going through this process now once you

get on the dark web

what what can you do well you can do

just about anything you want do i

recommend logging into anything no do i

recommend doing banking in the dark web

absolutely not

okay understand that there’s actually a

a pretty solid reputation system in the

dark web and you will probably find more


on uh amazon

than you will in the dark web

crazy enough but

keep in mind do not buy anything illegal

if you are going to buy something legal

utilize crypto make sure it’s if it’s

bitcoin make sure it’s been tumbled

and um

understand that a lot of the websites

are numeric numbers and characters

freight you know as opposed to like

privacy or whatever the

site is okay

understand the dot onion is layers

so it’s a whole different world

and then you can kind of experiment and

check it out but i mean it’s a different

world it is an interesting world and

it’s a world that allows access to

freedom and access to some interesting

people and some interesting things but

you do need to pay attention to what

you’re doing and understand that when

you’re going through this process

you could put yourself at risk if you’re

not careful okay this isn’t for

this you need to understand that it’s a

different type of world it’s more of a

rough and tumble world okay it’s more of

a wild wild west i’ll put it that way

it’s more of a wild wild west so do not

go on the dark web unless you fully

understand that and fully understand

what it is

i get a lot of questions on this so i

wanted to kind of give a basis an

introductory to the dark web i’m going

to be doing some tutorials on some dark

web specific websites if there’s

anything specific you want to see let me

know down below provided it’s legal i’m

already going to be doing a couple on my

two favorite tumblers because i think

tumblers are important but there’s a lot

of other dark websites so there’s

anything specific you want to see that’s

legal let me know down below and i will

look into it and potentially do a

tutorial appreciate you guys checking

out this video i haven’t already make

sure you subscribe privacy is the

rightness rather needs to be protected

and if you don’t protect and i don’t

protect you could bet the big

governments and the corporations will

not protect it

and uh yeah go all in guys go all into

everything you do take action understand

that there are people working on a daily

basis to make your life less free and

freedom literally is the only life worth

living so

have an amazing day

i gotta go play some poker and i’ll see

you guys in the next video