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Home Made Hydroxychloroquine HCQ

Home Made Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

Home Made Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

Drink This And Save Yourself A $30,000 Hospital Bill

Dear Google: this video is posted for information only and not meant to be medical advice.   😉

Home Made Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

Home Recipe For Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) , cool down the liquid with LID on

Aug 22, 2021

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WHAT IS HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE EXACTLY? IT IS NOTHING BUT QUININE. SOMETHING THAT ANYONE CAN MAKE AT HOME! QUININE HAS MANY USES AND APPLICATIONS. IT IS ANALGESIC, ANESTHETIC, ANTI -ARRHYTHMIC, ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTIMALARIAL, ANTIMICROBIAL, ANTIPARASITIC, ANTIPYRETIC, ANTISEPTIC, ANTISPASMODIC, ANTIVIRAL, ASTRINGENT, BACTERICIDE, CYTOTOXIC, FEBRIFUGE, FUNGICIDE, INSECTICIDE, NERVINE! TAKE ZINC WITH THIS RECIPE, THE ZINC PROPELS THE QUININE INTO CELLS FOR A MUCH FASTER HEALING. Storage : it will last few weeks in the fridge or can be freeze in ice cubes then put in zip lock bag in the freezer which can last few months! Quinine can be made out of the peelings of grapefruits and lemons, but especially grapefruits. Do not take the lid off of the pot till it cools completely as this will allow the quinine to escape in the steam. Sweeten the tea with raw honey or stevia since it will be bitter from quinine ! For preventative,Take 1 tablespoon daily or with symptoms every couple of hours .Discontinue as soon as you get better. Pease share this to your love ones and allow them to see that God in all of his glory, provides us with all that we need in his amazing creation. Disclaimer: I am not a traditional medical doctor of any sorts and only offer this from my own data research of and it is up to the individual reading this to do their own research with this information what they want . Here is the Good quality zinc we take / recommend : For people who can’t eat grapefruits because of their medications or don’t have time to make your own, i would recommend this product ( super clean ingredients) with both quinine and zinc in it:

Home Made Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

Home Made Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)


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Monica Rinaldi
I’m 60 and my mother is from Europe (Austria, Italy) she always made this when we were sick or flu season she added fresh ginger to it. We drank it hot and cold. I never got sick I did it also for my kids. Gods antibiotics!



Nancy Miller
This video made me remember that my great grandfather told me to always eat the skin of a baked potato because that is where the minerals are. He lived to the age of 94.


Cory Avila
My Grandmother always had her vodka tonic in the evening (on rare occasions she would have two). She was rarely sick & lived in great health until the ripe old age of 96. Bless her 💜



sour vampire
Finally a reason why I eat the entire fruit, no wonder i never got sick.


Doc LoLo
Imagine using Gods Natural immunity that he built into us and nature.


Michael Greenwood
You need to take a zinc supplement with this because hydroxychloroquine only works as a zinc ionophore, meaning it helps zinc get inside of the cells. It’s actually the zinc that blocks virus reproduction. Zinc and copper need to be balanced so you should get a zinc supplement that also has copper.


Deborah Klein
Thank you so much for this! It’s very good to know. I’m going to start doing this for me and my husband. By the way, your son is so cute! I love seeing him enjoying his breakfast. God bless you all!


Claudia p
Necessity is the Mother of invention plus wisdom of the Holy Spirit. This was my go to know 2020 with zinc and Tonic water. I was + for covid. Don’t forget the honey and Oil of Oregano.



Debbie Hill
So cool that everything we need to stay healthy God made thousands of years ago 😁 great recipe and must add loved seeing the adorable little guy loving the grapefruit


You can also store it by putting it into ice cube trays and freezing it. I found my ice cubes were one tables spoon each. Which I consider to be a perfect dose as a preventative.


Anonymous one
I am astounded that this is a month old and it is still a viable link. I would have thumbs up it, but the less attention it gets by “the all-seeing ones” the better. Videos like this we should all be preserving on our own. Don’t take for granted that if you need it you can just click the link later. God Bless


Kelley Halderman
I’ve been doing this for a while, thank you you gave me some extra tips!!!



Mary Magdalene
I’m going to make this again and put into ice cube trays to store in the freezer after it has cooled down. In this way, it should last a good while and be ready to drop into warm water when needed.


Lauren Cooper
Praise to the Creator for divine Mastery of all the elements & meshing with architecture and order with all the living beings of Earth. We need each other & are able to utilize everything on our planet to heal. Feel love for one another! 🧡Namaste! 💙