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Hidden Survival Garden When SHTF

Homesteading Tips From John Moody

Hidden Survival Garden When SHTF

can yield up to 8 times more produce than traditional gardens

The garden that needs no watering, no digging, no fertilizing, no weeding and produces fresh, organic food on auto-pilot, year after year

Hidden Survival Garden When SHTF

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This special type of garden can feed yourself and your family in times of crisis and is actually healthier than gardening and is perfect for survival purposes. It is called permaculture and it’s method of replicating nature’s way of growing food with little effort in your own back yard.

  • How to plan, design and put into action high-yield survival garden that will literally keep you and your family fed for life, no matter what hits you, even when everyone else around you is starving to death. No digging and planting year after year and no daily watering because you’ll have more important things to worry about when TSHTF.

  • How to set up highly nutritious soil for your plants. Do this before you plant anything and you’re on your way to setting your food forest on auto-pilot for decades to come. I’m gonna tell you this one “weird” thing to add to the mulch that’s not only highly effective but also 100% free (because you already have it in your home right now).

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to plant over 125 plants inside your permaculture garden. Plus, special instructions on choosing the right ones for your climate. From Arizona to Alaska, you can do this anywhere…

  • How to “marry” your plants. We’re going to tell you which grow well together and help each-other survive and thrive, so they don’t ever compete for sunlight and nutrients. You get the full table of plants that work well with one another as well as the ones you should NEVER be put together.

  • hotlist of perennials that you don’t have to re-plant every year. They just grow and grow, and all you do is harvest them. In some cases they yield food all-year round (like Okinawan spinach, which absolutely thrives in warm climates).

  • How to take care of pests naturally, and without using any pesticides. There are certain plants that act as the food forest’s policemen by repelling “bad” insects. It’s in their best interest too, because if the plants around them die, they die.

  • The “secret” plants that are natural fertilizers, so you never have to spray your soil ever again. These little workers pull minerals from deep down the soil with their long roots then, when they die, the leaves fall next to your other plants and start decomposing. You won’t have to spend a dime on fertilizers ever again.

  • Next, we won’t just show you how to grow bees for pollination, but how to attract them using these bee-friendly plants.

  • How to make your own organic fertilizers, because chemicals and fossil-fuel based pesticides are the last things you want to put in your soil.

  • Brace yourself because we’re also going to talk in-depth about each of the animals that are “permaculture friendly”. Most of them are really easy to grow, the get along well with your plants and, best part, they get fed by the farm so you don’t have to remember to do it many times a day.

  • Stuck in the city? Have no fear, because we’ve bent over backwards to find solutions for you. We’re going to let you in on some unique ways to make permaculture work in small spaces, so your food needs are covered if you can’t leave your apartment. We’ll share our best kept secrets on indoor gardening, that go beyond vertical stacking on walls and trellises.

  • We can’t wrap this up without talking about medicinal plants. In an SHTF situation, access to doctors and meds will be restricted, which is why you’ll need to grow these 50+ plants into your garden that alleviate or heal hundreds of diseases and conditions. Plus, we’ll show you how to actually use them in an emergency, starting with burns, spider bites, warts and many more. The health benefits from these plants are staggering: from lowering cholesterol to improving eye sight, mobility and reducing stress, there is not a single organ in your body that won’t be improved.

  • and much, much more…

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Hidden Survival Garden When SHTF

Hidden Survival Garden When SHTF


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