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Glenn Beck Says Banks Lying To Us

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Glenn Beck Says Banks Lying To Us

Glenn Tells You How To Prepare For Whats Coming

Glenn Beck is coming under massive censorship. They don’t want you to know the info he’s putting out. Glenn has now joined Alex Jones as the most banned person on planet earth.

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It’s time to AUDIT big banks & the Fed. Here’s why.

Apr 6, 2022


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The Biden administration will continue to use the war in Ukraine and the COVID pandemic as EXCUSES for inflation and for why YOUR prices continue to go up. But there’s far more to the story. In this clip, Glenn explains how the Federal Reserve paid over a TRILLION dollars during the COVID stock market crash to not only keep big banks afloat, but to ensure some of their all-time profit highs as well. The banks have been LYING to us. So maybe Ron Paul was right all along: it’s well past time we AUDIT them AND the Fed. ► Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Glenn on Social Media:




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Glenn Beck Says Banks Lying To Us


Glenn Beck Says Banks Lying To Us


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let me give you some facts here
about the banks because janet yellen is
gonna talk today and she’s gonna she’s
gonna speak about
ukraine is an excuse
so is
kovid but let me let me start there
between march 9th
and march 16th 2020 as the pandemic was
announced and trump issued the travel
the u.s stock market crashed the dow
jones industrial average
uh shed
676 points that’s 20 percent of its
value in five trading days
that is the largest single point drop
and the worst five-day drop in overall
value except for the crash of 1929.
does anybody really remember that
that’s significant and that’s what the
stock market should have done
but we don’t really remember it because
it went right back up
during the same five trading days the
new york federal reserve
reserve issued emergency loans
totaling more than one
trillion dollars to 21 major u.s and
international banks
jpmorgan chase the largest bank in the
u.s borrowed 135 billion
the japanese investment bank borrowed
125 billion
citigroup 96 billion barclays
95 billion they’re from the uk goldman
sachs 72 billion
bnp from france 65 billion
just those six banks
borrowed 590 billion dollars in just a
few trading days as the market was
due to the pandemic another 400 billion
plus was spread among another 15 u.s and
foreign banks
now remember this is effectively free
loans there’s zero percent interest rate
now we also know some if not many of
these loans will end up being rolled
over forever
and then just forgotten and forgiven
now that money that trillion dollars it
entered and stayed in the economy it is
a major
impact of inflation
mostly what we got on this one is the
stock market and the housing markets
went through the roof
now i just want to remind you that the
fed is not
a federal agency
the fed is owned
not the other way around the fed is
by jp morgan citibank goldman sachs
anytime the stock market has a slight
the fed prints currency
and gives it to their banks
to prop them up now think about that
even with the war in ukraine even with
covet 19 shutting down charna china’s
largest and busiest port in shanghai
even with gas prices sitting at record
the fed mandate has become protect the
stock market price and shield our
largest banks from taking any loss
the fed has averaged making emergency
loans in excess of one trillion dollars
every week
since march 2020
not to you not to me not to main street
not to the small business
but every wall street bank
that owns the fed
trillion dollars
now there’s more to this story
so let’s look at some of those banks and
their profits jpmorgan’s profit last
year and by the way i tell you these
things because
these are the people that are designing
the way out
and they do not have your best interest
and when the crap hits the fan
this is going to be pushed through just
like tarp we had no warning before tarp
i’m warning you now
listen to the people who have created
the problem
jp morgan’s profit last year all-time
high returns
jamie dimon jp morgan bank ceo just
earned 70 million dollars as a bonus
for a year in which the fed provided the
bank hundreds of billions of dollars in
free loans
by the way jp morgan and its employees
are among the largest donors to democrat
and left-leaning institutions in the
it’s it is borrowing hundreds of
billions of dollars in free cash from
the fed to help finance those donations
for those of you
capitalists out there
claiming they are a private bank and so
should be able to do whatever they want
with their political donations as free
speech i just have to ask if they’re
borrowing the currency
that they are donating from
the fed is giving them no risk or cost
to themselves are you really a
do you even get what’s going on here
the market is not only in a bubble it is
raging it’s a speculative bubble that is
being fueled directly by the federal
reserve lending cash to major banks to
keep buying stocks and pumping out the
profits that it can funnel
parts of it into their dark money
political arm of the left because that’s
who’s creating
the runway
for their new plane
which is not capitalist
this is a counterfeit and fraud and
political process that is being directly
funded by the central bank
by the way
the people in congress
they get to decide who we question and
who we don’t the senate banking
committee or house oversight committee
they haven’t even asked jerome powell a
single question about these loans
and yet we’re in massive massive trouble
with inflation
yeah we need hearings
we need a special counsel to investigate
hunter and joe biden’s dealings with
china ukraine and russia
we need hearings on the kovid pandemic
the lab leak the mandates
but we also need public hearings and a
full audit of the us federal reserve
they have been lying to us
and we know that now because of foia
records that took us 12 years to get
the more you look back on the tea party
and ron paul in particular
the more you have to say
ron was right
the fed
just a warning these are the people that
are designing
the great reset
i don’t think
that uh this one’s gonna work out too
well for all of us
not in the system seeing that they’ve
been screwing us
for a very long time already
you think this system that they’re
building is going to be more favorable
to the little guy
i don’t think so

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