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Glenn Beck Asks Is China Our Future


Glenn Beck Asks Is China Our Future

Is Shanghai Harbinger Of Future For USA

Pay attention to SHANGHAI LOCKDOWN >>> coming to a town near you. Orwell saw the future in his book 1984

Great Reset

The Great Reset is the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, held in June 2020.


Mao’s original ‘Great Reset’ WARNS America what’s to come

Apr 14, 2022


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There’s a reason why Mao’s ‘Five Year-Plan,’ also known as ‘The Great Leap Forward,’ is a taboo topic in China today: It ended DISASTROUSLY, with millions of Chinese lives lost. But Mao’s idea shares several similarities to another plan…one currently being forced around the world: The Great Reset. Glenn details the five-year plan, how it went horribly wrong, and why America could be at risk of similar consequences if we don’t stand for FREEDOM today. ► Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Glenn on Social Media:

Dixie Normus
Protect this man at all costs! We need more people who speak the straight truth in media
Cloud Edmund
I’ve seen so many western media ignored the trucker part and food rotting part of this story. You have my utmost respect of getting these details in and right
Van Life California
There’s quite a few Americans are feeling comfortable and not threatened by anything at this time When it does they won’t know what to do To the rest of us keep Keep prepping and preparing
Lo Bello
When I saw what China was doing to people and pets in Shanghai I got a flood of different emotions. If anyone tried to take my dogs to kill them or snatch away my wife or family member out of my house against there will they’ll find out exactly why we Americans have our rights to defend ourselves first hand.
Johnny Cash
Thanks Glen because your channel has awakened many…. again. Just left Walmart grocery shopping and it was a brutal trip. Headed to the nursery tomorrow for seeds, soil and supplies. Garden is on the way! Think I need some livestock ie chickens too. God is finished with the wicked so the righteous MUST PREPARE. ❤️🙏⛪ 🌎
Jim Graves
Again Glen is talking truth. The storm has been brewing the eye is now passing the back side about to hit
Funniest Cockatoo Baby Ben
Pray for the people of China!! It is truly horrifying what is happening to them! Jesus, have mercy on us all!
Angie Whitley
They are trying to make laws where you can’t complain.
Jonathan Turner
As far as ownership stripping the individual of the fruits of their labor and by extension their intrinsic merits and qualities and labeling them as part of a group is what it is destroying the individual for the sake of the state.
I learn so much from watching you, my heart is hurting for our entire world. I got on my knees and cried and prayed that God protect the innocents in China, their dogs and cats being brutally beaten and killed… Horrific… NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS… NO ONE……
My province of Ontario Canada just banned protests. Last night the provincial government in a secret late night session passed BILL 100. Bans any protest like the truckers protest in Ottawa. By law they can take your car, license, fine you up to 100K or 1 year in jail. Can charge you with the crime of mischief BEFORE you even do the crime. Thought police in full effect here now. So wrong.

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Glenn Beck Asks Is China Our Future


Glenn Beck Asks Is China Our Future


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