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Federal Reserve Is On The Brink Of Bankruptcy

Federal Reserve Announces ESG Social Credit Score System

Federal Reserve Is On The Brink Of Bankruptcy

Is The Federal Reserve Insolvent?

Conspiracy Theory? George Gammon does a masterful job of explaining the numbers, and it looks like it’s for real!

Federal Reserve Is On The Brink Of Bankruptcy
George Gammon
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Jim D
George thanks for staying on top of the geopolitical and macro events. You’re in your own class. 👍
Like the Dutch central bank head said in an interview. Insolvency is easily rectified by revaluing the gold stock to a higher value. Bankruptcy is condition with to prerequisites, Insurgency and liquidity.
Angela Bokkes
Congress is just gonna kick the can down the road and tell them to print more money 🤬
Ed Weaver
George, amazing content and explanation again. Thank you for putting this out there. It’s be interesting to see how this could be explained to be sustainable.
Vic Miklausic
Another great Whiteboard! What we we do without people like you teaching us this?
Don’t forget that the federal reserve has many off the balance sheet accounts.
XST Media
The FED might be insolvant, but rumor is that they have a 1000 year supply of ink for the printing press. Might be a decent time to buy stocks in the short term until Jan.
Roberta Reeves
Excellent. My brother is a CPA, CFA and so is my son-in-law . I am a total dweeb when it comes to finance. I am an educator/ philosopher/ yoga teacher type. But you have a way of succinctly and cogently explaining finance that even I can comprehend. Thank you , George. Your work is appreciated 👍
Michael Vittori
Good video George. It would be helpful if at the end of your videos, if you gave us viewers some solutions on ways to protect ourselves from these worst case scenarios.
The main problem they are facing is high repo rate compared to their balance sheet. The FED won’t go bankrupt if another crisis presents itself…another crisis will just allow their (public) balance sheet to keep expanding, and they can naturally lower the repo rate…sending real liquidity back into the market.
Craig McPherson
So George, are you going to get a press pass for the next FOMC meeting and question Jerome Powell about this discrepancy?
Paul Ortiz
Another excellent video George! Funny thing. I used to have “notifications on” for your videos and now it’s set to “none”. I click to switch it back on and YT won’t change it. Both on desktop and mobile. They don’t want you spreading the truth. Keep on keeping on sir!

Federal Reserve Is On The Brink Of Bankruptcy


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