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False Flags and Government Informants

False Flags and Government Informants

The Government Objective is Intimidation Thru False Flag Events To Prevent Any Organized Protests

We are at a dangerous time when the government is using the FBI as their own political Stasi

Organizing Patriots In The Face Of Government Informants And False Flags

September 22, 2021 23 Comments

By Brandon Smith

There is a simple fact that must be understood when it comes to the fight for liberty: Such a fight cannot be won by lone individuals. Freedom requires organized resistance and it does not matter how many millions of people stand against an authoritarian regime, if they are completely isolated from each other they WILL lose. It’s a guarantee.

This is why a considerable portion of establishment money, energy and propaganda is directed at defusing or sabotaging any semblance of conservative organization. This includes engineering false flag events and creating potential terror attacks from thin air so that they can be blamed on constitutionally minded groups. The strategy is called “4th Generation Warfare” and it is not conspiracy theory, this is conspiracy fact.

For example, as we now know according to court documentation, the supposed scheme by a Michigan “militia” made up of anarchists to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer and “try her as a tyrant” was heavily infiltrated by at least a dozen FBI agents and informants. The group was so infiltrated, in fact, that the entire plot for the kidnapping was essentially planned out by the FBI. This is the very definition of a false flag. The corruption and entrapment involved in the operation was so egregious that even the leftist media has reported on it.

I recall a very similar situation occurred during the Malheur incident when Ammon Bundy (son of Cliven Bundy) and a group of patriots decided to annex the wildlife refuge and its obscure ranger buildings as a launching point for a revolution. Though I was a supporter of the efforts at Bundy Ranch, I was vehemently against Malheur because the whole situation seemed grossly suspect. The strategy made no sense, the rationale made no sense, the site of the standoff made no sense and the public optics were terrible. It was an anti-Bundy Ranch; a situation in which all of the dynamics were in favor of the feds and against the liberty movement.

And, not surprisingly, Malhuer had also been influenced and in some cases was arranged by federal informants and agents. These people were whispering in the ear of Ammon Bundy the entire time while the FBI authorized them to commit criminal acts. There were so many paid employees of the FBI at Malheur that jurors decided to drop all charges against most of the defendants involved.

And what about the latest “J6” rally in Washington DC, which was planned by a virtually unknown former Trump aid and was quickly exposed as a potential “honeypot” designed to lure in conservatives? The army of plain clothes undercover feds was so prevalent that riot cops accidentally arrested an armed FBI agent thinking he was a protester.

Now, there are many people in the alternative media that are breathing a sigh of relief that almost no one showed up for the J6 protest or “fell into the trap”. In fact, there were far more reporters and feds there than actual activists. However, I think we need to look at the bigger picture of why the government is staging such events in the first place, and it’s not just to entrap a few conservatives .

If you think about it, the entire strategy is high cost/minimum reward if we only look at it in terms of actual arrests. If the idea is to catch and prosecute patriots, then they could infiltrate groups and engineer criminal actions for decades and achieve little to nothing. Obviously, this is not the purpose of informants. Rather, the strategy is not to invade groups unnoticed; the strategy is to BE NOTICED, to make sure the whole of the liberty movement believe that if they ever try to organize in any way the feds will be there to set them up. In other words, the primary goal of the FBI is to instill paranoia and fear among patriots and ensure they never effectively organize to resist.

When we cheer the “failure” of J6, we need to keep in mind that the establishment does not care. Getting people to show up was not their main intent; making people afraid to show up for any other events in the future is what they want.

The issue presents a Catch-22. If conservatives organize there is the chance that some groups will be infiltrated or set up and used to make the entire movement look bad. If we don’t organize, then we have lost the fight. It will be over before it even truly begins (and no, the real fight has not started yet). So what is the solution?

I think it’s odd but maybe not surprising that the standoff at Bundy Ranch has been memory-holed by the media and is rarely mentioned even among conservative activists these days. Yet, it was probably one of the most successful patriot actions in the past couple of decades. There are a number of reasons for this:

1) The action was spontaneous, not pre-planned and was in response to criminal activity by the FBI (including assaulting women that were protesting and the use of sniper positions to surround the Bundy property similar to Ruby Ridge). The movement took action to remedy a government trespass rather than creating a standoff out of nothing.

2) There was no single person in charge. Groups showed up from all over the country; some of them squared away and some of them screw-ups. This might sound like a bad thing, but in terms of rebellion it is often better to avoid streamlined top-down leadership. Frankly, I am usually suspicious of anyone that tries to anoint themselves the “leader” of the liberty movement or the sole leader of a protest action. Cult of personality is the most useless thing I can think of when it comes to battling tyranny, and top-down leadership can be easily manipulated or controlled.

3) Because of the decentralized nature of the response to Bundy Ranch, the feds had no way to influence or predict the outcome, and they really hate that. Without informants in key positions, the feds did not have the ability to adapt to the quickly changing circumstances. Contrast this with Malheur, where the feds were basically in control from the very beginning. The site itself was so isolated and ill conceived that the FBI was able to dictate every movement of patriots in and out of the area. It was pointless for any militia to occupy it, but it was a great spot for the feds.

4) Patriots arrived at Bundy Ranch peacefully, but with the will to fight if necessary. The Bundy Ranch response had a clear objective – To stop the FBI from harming the Bundy family and to retrieve the stolen cattle if possible. Both of these objectives were accomplished and with no shots fired. A complete success. The group was motivated and unified by the objective, NOT a singular leadership. Without a clear objective there is no purpose to any action.

It is important to understand the difference between a Lexington Bridge moment and a Fort Sumter moment – During Lexington Bridge, the revolutionaries took action to stop a British detachment from arresting colonial leaders and confiscating rifles and powder stores. The British were in the midst of an undeniable attempt to disarm and snuff out the resistance. At Fort Sumter, the Confederate attack was in response to an attempted resupply of the fort itself; which made sense strategically but looked like an act of pure aggression to the wider public. The concept of states rights (more prominent in the minds of the confederates than the issue of slavery) fell by the wayside.

Eventually tyranny has to put boots on the ground. A totalitarian system can function for a time on color of law and implied threats, but it will crumble unless it is able to establish a physical presence of force. Once those jackboots touch soil in a visible way and the agents of the state try to expand oppressive measures, rebels then have a free hand to disrupt them or bring them down. But this only works if there are objectives and enough decentralization to prevent misdirection of the movement.

Some organization is essential. It cannot be avoided. All the “Gray Men” and secret squirrel preppers out there that think they are going to simply weather the storm in isolation and pop out of their bug-out locations to rebuild are suffering from serious delusions. I can’t help but think of that moment in ‘Lord Of The Rings’ when the Ents refuse to organize to fight against the invading orcs. Pippen suggests to Merry that the problem is too big for them and that they should go back to the Shire to wait out the war. Merry laments:

The fires of Isengard will spread. And the woods of Tuckborough and Buckland will burn. And all that was once green and good in this world will be gone. There won’t be a Shire, Pippin.”

If this fight is not pursued now, there will be no world worth coming back to, even if one was able to successfully hide from it. There will be a “new world order” as the globalists like to call it. There will be nothing left of freedom.

So, organization must be accomplished, and it should be built at the local level. This is far more important than any dreams of a national organization, at least for now. There is no one we can trust to lead such a nationwide revolt, and that includes political leaders like Donald Trump.

Will federal intrusions happen? Of course, but at the local level it is much easier to vet people according to their behaviors and root out bad actors. Hold your local meetings to discuss current events and create a place for people to network and get to know each other. Talk to local businesses or your county sheriff to see where they stand on issues like the vaccine passports and Biden mandates. Put things in motion now or you will regret it later when your community is completely disjointed and paralyzed by fear during crisis or government subjugation.

And, what about the first guy at your meetings that starts talking about building bombs, drafting “kill lists” or kidnapping governors? Kick his ass out promptly and make sure everyone knows why you did it. Most likely he is a fed or he is on an informant payroll. As our national composure breaks down and the manure hits the fan, fed informants and agents will suddenly disappear from these groups without a trace. They are not going to stick around for what happens next; the government doesn’t pay them enough for that. And knowing who the patriots are will not help the federal government if the patriots are organized to defend themselves. This is the reality which they do not want us to wake up to.

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  • ShirleySeptember 22, 2021 At 6:45 Am

    They stick out like a sore thumb…so here we are Sept 22,2021 waiting for the cure (or vaxx) for stupid…

  • WilliamtheResoluteSeptember 22, 2021 At 7:26 Am

    We are entering the apex of the Fourth Turning which occurs in four short years, if you haven’t been prepping and networking you’re behind the curve. Food, Water and Weapons will be the primary needs if you want to avoid Australia and New Zealand’s fate…better to die on your feet than waste away in a prison.

  • ChevrusSeptember 22, 2021 At 11:17 Am

    There was moment where I wavered. “Perhaps I can just take the inoculation and then some countermeasures to prevent the “side effects”. I’ll keep my job, my wife, our house…”
    Then I realized that was just fear. I would not be able to live with myself as I watched the spike do it’s work, knowing I had caved in. In the end there really is a fate worse than death.

  • Ordinary JoeSeptember 22, 2021 At 7:29 Am

    Brandon, in the article you mention the cult of personality and the individual who appoints himself as leader of the movement. Will you comment on the latest investigative reports regarding Stewart Rhodes?

    I have been following/involved with the Oath Keepers since its first discussion board. There has been much internal squabble/mismanagement that I was privy to which caused me to back away from the organization. I feel for the guys (J6) who are now imprisoned as political poisoners in the Lorton facility. Lorton was never known as a good place to be and has been rife with mismanagement for as long as I can remember. Something does not seem right. Since you are physically closer to some in the leadership, I would be interested in your assessment.

  • Brandon SmithSeptember 22, 2021 At 8:02 Am

    I quit Oath Keepers years ago for those exact reasons. After Bundy Ranch, Rhodes was especially off in his behavior. I won’t go into too much detail because I think it is counterproductive to dwell on Oath Keepers too much. It was a good idea ruined by lazy and self absorbed leadership. It is also suspicious that people surrounding Rhodes keep getting arrested while he remains untouched, and I’m not just talking about the people at the capitol protest; this has been going on for several years now. I expect that Rhodes will eventually be charged with “something”, but he will get a slap on the wrist compared to others.

    Remember Adam Kokesh and his failed armed march on DC plan? Remember how he was raided and charged with minor drug possession right after the plan fell apart and people started questioning if he was a fed? Then he got a slap on the wrist, a few weeks in jail and then had some kind of religious moment where he decided that “talking” to the elites was better than violence. This is the type of thing that screams INFORMANT.

    But Oath Keepers is not the source of the movement, it is just an appendage, it can be cut off and regrown. I learned some very important lessons from my time working with Oath Keepers and Rhodes:

    I learned what NOT to do when acting in a leadership role. Don’t be lazy, and don’t be self serving, and always lead from the front line if you plan to set an example.

    Narcissists make terrible leaders, never allow them into positions of authority. They will never live up to the hype and usually most of their qualifications are exaggerated or fake.

    When people come along and claim they are going to “right the ship” when leadership is failing, don’t believe it until you see it. Often times self serving people see poor leadership as their “time to shine”, but they will be just as bad or worse.

    The liberty movement does not need a traditional national org, it needs objectives and grassroots action. Nationwide actions can still be undertaken by many smaller groups coming together to achieve a particular goal, but top-down national leadership is a terrible idea that will end in disaster.

    • Gauntlet33September 22, 2021 At 10:50 Am

      I agree. Lead by example and without self-interest.

    • Ordinary JoeSeptember 22, 2021 At 10:04 Pm

      Thank Brandon. I always wondered what happened.

      I know of a few good people who left the organization. To me, he seemed to be more interested in money than anything else.

      The drone threat at the Bundy Ranch pushed by Rhodes, allegedly from insiders he knew, was a bit weird. He was using it for some unknown reason. I think he just wanted to leave after some of the big boys put him in his place. A guy from my area wrote on another site he did not think very highly of Rhodes. That is when I stopped paying dues.

  • TarMarSeptember 22, 2021 At 8:18 Am

    A BIG problem in my community is those who you think would normally be interested in forming a group are TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS that anything sinister is going on! Where oh where do you find like minded people who don’t believe you’re some kind of conspiracy theory nut?? Yes, in many respects we ARE on our own and will probably end up perishing before the dumbed down (and armed) sheep as they’re getting their “news” from CNN.

  • Brandon SmithSeptember 22, 2021 At 8:27 Am

    Sorry, but I’ve been doing this for a long time, and anyone that claims they cannot find like minded people in their community has not tried hard enough. There are MILLIONS of us everywhere, but only a handful of people putting in the effort required to organize locally. This needs to change. If you are not putting out the word on a regular basis and holding meetings as often as possible, then you need to do more. You will find others, it is impossible not to. Even the most far left cities in the US have conservative preparedness groups.

  • Gauntlet33September 22, 2021 At 10:55 Am

    Here’s my 2 cents …and I’m in leftist LA:
    – parents who homeschool their children tend to be very anti-vaccine and anti-government intrusion (or perhaps I’m being redundant 😉 ) — you can find them on facebook to set up playdates for the kids / meetings for the adults, and
    – visit your local gun store (lots of liberty-minded people there who are prepping)

  • bhk4usaSeptember 22, 2021 At 8:19 Am

    Brandon, great article, summary, and summation. The ‘conservatives’ are celebrating a ‘victory’ regarding the J6 protest and laughing at how foolish the Feds were made to look. But the Feds succeeded in that they prevented pro-Americans from being able to voice their complaints of injustice in an effectual manner.

    Conservative voices not only need to organize at the local level as you suggest. But they need to be able to ‘peacefully assemble’ to voice their grievances in a way that will be effectively ‘heard’ by the regime as well as the ‘people’. Expressing those grievances may be redundant and may not sway many but it is necessary and appropriate to demonstrating the righteousness of any cause.

    Ways need to be found to allow the rightful expression of these grievances while minimizing the risk of a false flag and/or surveillance and identification effort. Perhaps rather than attempting to organize a single rally or protest in the nations capital multiple events need to be organized by State or locally? Can modern technology be used to stream messages into multiple locations? Focus on making sure the message is conveyed effectively rather than focusing on the who the particular messenger is? Have bright (and very hot) theatrical lighting available to ‘properly illuminate’ for video recording any ‘storm troopers’ that show up in ‘turtle armor’? Only allow officially designated cameras and communication devices inside venues and make sure that any suspected Feds are well documented, vetted, and ‘doxed’ if identified as Feds?

    We must not be afraid to use tactics that are as nasty or worse than our opponents in a ‘virtual’ war anymore than we should be afraid to use them in an actual conflict if/when that becomes necessary. Sooner or later those that are seeking to create a global utopian communist state will be ‘forced’ to engage their opponents with force. IMO, this will likely be ‘justified’ by a major ‘domestic terrorist’ false flag event (perhaps even sacrificing the ventriloquist’s dummy and other leaders of the current regime) that allows for the imposition of Marshal Law. At that point the locally organized citizens must be prepared to stand and repel on every bridge and village green.

  • redcabinsteveSeptember 22, 2021 At 8:49 Am

    “Eventually tyranny has to put boots on the ground.”

    If forced vax or gun confiscation is attempted those would be black and white examples of boots on ground. It seems like their ‘soft’ approach is far more advantageous to them. “It’s your choice to vax and keep your job” is far less aggressive than door to door forced jabbing.

    The soft method isn’t enough to make people spontaneously rise up at least not yet. So unless they take the Aussie PM idea of declaring a moratorium on construction putting 70000 union peeps out of work instantly why would they put boots on ground?

    I also am curious if you think more and more people in USA are tuning in to alt news and realizing their belief systems are changing. Could this have happened to the FDA high sheriffs? They don’t seem to anxious to approve boosters. Do you see signs that the elites might back down?

  • Brandon SmithSeptember 22, 2021 At 9:08 Am

    Except half the country is refusing to go along with the soft method and they are refusing to comply with any of the mandates. So, the establishment will have to put boots on the ground and SOON, otherwise the entire agenda falls apart. The boosters will be back within a couple of months, guaranteed. It’s called the totalitarian tip-toe.

  • ChevrusSeptember 22, 2021 At 11:24 Am

    I think the reason the FDA did not approve the boosters has to do with the fact that two of their senior members resigned and promptly published a paper in The Lancet that is very critical of the boosters. That and the frogs are getting uppity as the heat of the water increases….

  • Dave of OregonSeptember 22, 2021 At 8:54 Am

    I believe small groups with each no greater than five trusted individuals, each trained in leading small half squad units, but work together with other groups in organizing not greater than platoon strength. You will hopefully have each squad, and small group training in the same tactics. Leaders should be chosen by those being led. Then each person according to their abilities be trained to take individual actions when a leader is absent. Leadership is the ability to take charge when there is no direction from any other. A good leader, trains those subordinates to be able to replace him or her in their absence to accomplish the mission.

  • Brandon SmithSeptember 22, 2021 At 1:01 Pm

    There are no wild bunch “groups”, the wild bunch is my newsletter. You may have to start your own public meetings to find like minded people.

    • CreedSeptember 22, 2021 At 3:08 Pm

      Back when you were writing on I remember seeing a link for “wild bunch” chapters or something of that sort. There was a map with different locations. Its been a while so maybe I am confusing it with something else.

      • Brandon SmithSeptember 22, 2021 At 4:29 Pm

        Those were barter groups, and I continue to support that as well, but I think we are beyond the point now when barter groups alone are a solution. We need barter, but we need community organization for defense as well.

  • Keith LibertaeSeptember 22, 2021 At 6:07 Pm

    Brandon thank you for your perspective. I believe you are “spot on” to the over-arching agenda at hand. It is an agenda of false flags, suppression and persecution combined. We must think about hiring “military veterans” (patriots) to police events for us. We can no longer trust those outside and on the government payroll per se.

    Keep up the good insight!

  • Johnny FiveSeptember 22, 2021 At 6:54 Pm

    The Democrats want a war. Everything they do is a provocation. But timing is on our side. They are getting desperate. They are just trying to provoke a kinetic response. The issue with a patriotic rebellion is that it is largely dependent on the timing and numbers. Go too soon or in not enough numbers, and you look like the villain and lose a chance to gain public support, and as a consequence, you will be crushed by the power of the government.

False Flags and Government Informants

False Flags and Government Informants


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